Brooklyn Paper Writes About Chopper Noise

Rupert Murdoch’s Brooklyn Paper has finally caught up to the issue of helicopter noise over Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Promenade and Brooklyn Heights.   Its sister publication, the NY Post ran a short story yesterday about the press conference held Friday by local officials regarding the issue.  However the Brooklyn Paper’s coverage was no where to be found until today.  Hey, if it helps curb the noise… we’ll take late over never!

Reporter Andy Campbell does a decent job of writing about Friday’s presser – complete with  the factoid that the constant noise from the choppers could cause brain damage.

Brooklyn Paper: It’s unclear whether the city and federal aviation officials will respond with quiet hours or cutting takeoffs at helicopter pads on the waterfront. No one got back to us before our whirring deadline.

Quiet hours? Not a bad idea… Where’d that come from?

The other “Brooklyn Paper”, The Brooklyn Eagle, was quick to press with its coverage on Friday complete with props to BHB for our Chop the Choppers campaign.

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