Brooklyn Eagle Covers Chop the Choppers Presser, Where’s Brooklyn Paper?

The Brooklyn Eagle covers yesterday’s press conference at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport:

Brooklyn Eagle: Freshman Councilman Levin knew from the first day he took office that helicopter noise would be an issue. He and Squadron were in Brooklyn Bridge Park this past holiday weekend, and both said that a helicopter flew over the park “once every minute.” “People cannot actually enjoy [the park] because of all the noise,” said Levin.

The Brooklyn Heights Blog has started a petition suggesting a quiet period of four hours per day with no night flights, in addition to any existing regulations. The petition already has 70 signatures.

Tracy, a resident of Brooklyn Heights, was also in the park this weekend, enjoying the beautiful weather. Because of the continual vibrations from the flights directly overhead, “my egg salad was falling out of my sandwich,” she lamented. But she does applaud the Brooklyn Heights Blog’s efforts towards some kind of solution, not just a continuing stream of complaints.

The Brooklyn Paper has not written about the press conference and we can’t find anything online about the current bout with choppers on their website.  Their Murdoch media cousin, the NY Post, was there but we haven’t seen a story online yet. .. guess we’ll have to get the actual newspaper to see. A teeny story ran in the paper today and online.

What’s up with that?  Did we miss it?

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  • jim

    kind of difficult to launch criticism at your fellow news organization when you are not only reporting the news but in this case creating the story by participating at the news conference and calling for a change in the policy…

  • Homer Fink

    “Jim” welcome to the 21st Century. This platform allows for us to be activists when it counts and to be reporters as well. Clearly we’ve put a stake in the ground here but it’s very clear that we have. We allow comments on our posts and welcome civil conversation for/against any issue.

    We’re being transparent about what we’re doing. I hope you appreciate that.
    – “Homer”

  • AEB

    Is it any wonder that news sources owned by Mr. Murdoch would wait until a certain “tipping point” had occurred to report the ‘copter story?

    I mean, why would one “promote” matters that bring into question the full expression of free enterprise, even if that expression means hardship for the community to which one is reportorially responsible, unless one absolutely must?

  • jim

    “Homer” thanks for your response to my comments…maybe it is just me but I always thought the BHB was reporting the local news and not trying to make it…as you note it is your prerogative to do so and I agree you have been transparent about it….I just can’t recall another topic that you took such a position on…..

  • Homer Fink

    Exactly Jim. But we live here and the issue cries out not only for a solution but
    A sensible one.

  • nabeguy

    Being a blog, I’ve always thought of this site as more of a community bulletin board and, more importantly, a neighborhood sounding board. Lest we forget, this is Homer’s blog and, as such, he has the opportunity to control its content. Fortunately, he’s always chosen to focus on community issues that effect us all and afforded us the opportunity of direct input into those very issues. Bully on, Homer!

  • martinlbrooklyn

    Sunday night 6PM news on WNBC covered our chopper problem with interviews on the Promenade. So the Mayor’s rethinking how much the helicopter flight trophy seekers are really worth. Is the fix in? We’ll know soon enough but meantime let’s keep up the barrage.