Whoops! Trucker Tries to Drive Onto Promenade in Brooklyn Heights

BHB photo by M. Foley

BHB photo by M. Foley

The driver of this tractor-trailer rig evidently thought Montague Street was a block longer than it is.

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  • GHB

    Last week, I saw some douchebag back his car down the Clark Street entrance to the Promenade. I guess he really needed a parking space!

  • nabeguy

    The driver probably got distracted by the helicopters.

  • jim

    Think truck are more of a quality of life issue than
    the helicopters – can BHB start a campaign to Topple the Trucks like their Chop the Choppers campaign – maybe we can ban trucks for 4 hours a day as well and not have to breath in their exhaust or listen to their noise

  • Andrew Porter

    He was just following the directions on his GPS, for getting onto the BQE. Haven’t we all heard recent cases of GPS instructing people to turn onto railroad tracks?

  • my2cents

    Most truckers would rather avoid B Heights if they could anyway. The narrow streets and tight corners here are a supreme challenge to navigate.

  • marie

    What a lahooser.Is he blind?