Busy Chef Given Probation

We hadn’t seen any information about the ongoing Busy Chef/Dan Kaufman case recently so we reached out to the Kings County District Attorney’s office. We learned that Kaufman plead guilty on December 2 to Grand Larceny in the Second Degree. On February 8 he was sentenced to five years probation.

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  • No One of Consequence

    oh, That’ll teach him!!!

  • nabeguy

    He should be in jail (aka, probe-nation)

  • tb

    I remember the day we were looking at our credit card bill and were trying to figure out which sandwich we bought there that that cost $750.

  • AAR

    Unbelievable! He must have had a terrifically well-connected lawyer.

  • AEB

    Only the good die young….

  • my2cents

    Damn plea bargains…Maybe he’ll slip up and victimize more people within 5 years.

  • AL


  • travy

    good thing he’s not a brown kid stealing an ipod


    i’m sure he’s victimizing as everyone speaks, he’s now going by the name “chef daniel kay ” he has blogs , twitter by that name , nybestburger blog , he’s telling people he owns a new restaurant in the city (even asked ppl to help name it ), says he works for foodnetwork producing a couple of their shows (chopped and something else) some affiliation with (chef)gordon ramsey. so you see his lies will never stop and i say he’ll screw up alot sooner than 5 years and hopefully he’ll end up behind bars where he belongs !

  • hoppy

    From the Post (FWIW):

    “Under the deal, he must pay $34,000 in restitution to Citigroup and American Express for the bogus credit-card transactions and another $40,000 to AdvanceMe, a business loan company that accused Kaufman, 36, in legal papers of ripping off $245,000 by making bad loans. . .

    “If Kaufman fails to pay off the cash he heisted, he faces 1 to 3 years behind bars.”


  • owesme

    He deserves to be behind bars – for more reasons than above. He’s a loser that doesn’t pay child support – for that alone, he deserves to rot in jail!