Montague Wine and Liquors Re-Opening Soon

God bless Montague Liquors, which suffered a devastating fire Thursday morning. Within 12 hours, as I walked home from din-din that night, the retailer, alongside the dry cleaner that was decimated by flames, was boarded up, the plywood painted white and a sweet, neighborly sign posted upfront.

Optimistic, I’d say, but a peak inside Friday revealed that it appears much of the damage was caused by smoke and water. Thankfully, the booze appears to have survived. Good thing, too–my supply of gin is running low…
[originally posted at The Smoking Nun]

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  • Anon

    Great to hear they’re reopening so soon!

    But… “din-din”? Really?

  • Iago

    the wall of wine and booze acted like a firestop.
    some of the nicer Scotch may have strong smoky undertones.

  • Claude Scales


  • nabeguy

    Perhaps he meant gin-gin.

  • David on Middagh

    Oh no he din!

  • x

    What about the laundromat? I need to do laundry!

  • Heights97

    Any update on when they will be opening?