LICH OK for Oxford, Other UnitedHealthcare Plans

The contract dispute previously discussed here between Continuum Health Partners, the consortium that presently controls Long Island College Hospital, and UnitedHealthcare, the parent of the popular Oxford Health Plans as well as other plans covering unions and similar groups, has been resolved.

Crain’s New York Business: The dispute is over: Continuum Health Partners and UnitedHealthcare signed a new contract Wednesday night after months of sometimes tense negotiations. The contract is for all product lines, including commercial, Medicare and Medicaid, and is effective retroactively to March 1.

This means that persons covered under Oxford or other UnitedHealthcare plans may continue to use LICH and LICH-affiliated physicians during the time LICH remains under Continuum’s control and the new contract remains in effect. If and when the merger between LICH and SUNY Downstate Medical Center takes effect–approval by the State Department of Health is still pending–coverage should not be affected, as there is no present dispute between SUNY Downstate and UnitedHealthcare.

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  • AEB

    This is good news to this Oxford insurance holder….

  • B D

    This is so wonderful to hear- This to me is like a transfusion. Horror i felt- to know that you have your doctors at your hospital- than you hear news that the health insurance plan you are paying for- with premiums that make your blood curdle- your plan will not be accpeted- you will be turned away- WOW- that hit me and many others like a blow- where do you go? Even though, there are hospitals out there- nearby- but -what do you do- when your doctors are not affiliated with these hospitals… So, this is so much of a comfort and joy- as it is – SPRing of life ahead- hope this season will be of much warmth and sunful delight- Spring showers that will wash away all the dreadful aches and blahs of this past snow stormy winter blues.
    Thank you LICH-