Yassky Named Taxi Czarsky

It’s official – our former man in the NYC Council/Brooklyn Heights resident David Yassky has been named head of the Taxi and Limousine Commission. Congrats!

Now can you look into the knuckle head who drove our cab Wednesday night around 11pm and who didn’t know where the Brooklyn Bridge or the FDR were located much less Brooklyn Heights.  It was a laugh riot of a ride, especially when he pulled out the GPS and asked me to enter in my address. Really. Call us for the medallion number.

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  • steve

    payback for term limits cop out.

  • nabeguy

    He get’s voted out, yet Bloomberg keeps him around. Exactly how much was the fare for this ride?

  • my2cents

    I just had a mental image of his mother in the beauty parlor leaning over to the lady next to her saying “My son David is in charge of the Taxi and Limousine Commission now, you know. Such a shonda, he should be running this city!”

  • AEB

    Gosh, my2! My mother used to tell me, “Someday when you’re a big, big boy, you’ll be head of the Taxi and Limousine Commission. God willing….”

  • AAR

    See NYTimes front page story today about cabbies setting meters to cheat riders! Yassky is going to be busy in his new job!

  • travis

    you talkin to me
    love the photo

  • Adam

    I love all the internet critics here making fun of a man who just received a pretty high ranking government job for the most important city in the world

  • Adam

    …not that I’m particularly fond of the man.

  • Billy Reno

    Hopefully, this means more midget bartenders in limos!

  • jorale-man

    I share your sentiments, Homer. I’d say one out of three cabbies taking me home from the airport doesn’t know how to get to Brooklyn Heights. I mean, it’s not like we’re Sheepshead Bay or East New York or something. Sheesh…

  • nabeguy

    Back in the day, all you had to say was “St. George Hotel” to get to the Heights. I suppose now, you might try saying “Great Wall Take-out” and see if that works.

  • my2cents

    One cabbie I had at LGA didn’t even know the names of the BQE exits. He said Brooklyn Bridge or Manhattan Bridge? I was like…we’re going to Brooklyn Heights, we won’t be taking
    *any* bridges! (not counting the Kosciuszko) But he was talking about “exits” from the BQE. He had no idea that Cadman Plaza was an exit…just sad.

    How many people here have had the experience of going to a place where neither you nor the cabbie is exactly sure how to get there and you practically make yourself nauseous trying to read the electronic map screen in the back for him as he drives! Plus the map keeps minimizing itself every 5 seconds to show ads. Truly hellish. But less hellish than the G train…Whenever I give my cross streets and the guy actually knows the streets, I feel an awesome wave of relief. That relief is far too rare these days.

  • Reggie

    Is this subject to a confirmation hearing? Not that it would be anything more than a formality, but I was curious.

  • perry

    Yes, yes, all cabbie-bashing aside, the real “knucklehead” is Yassky himself, arrogantly insensitive to the community in so many ways, unprincipled supporter of Bloomberg’s self-styled, hugely self-bankrolled, legally dubious third term. Ah, well: vox populi and Yassky lost his third term bid, but, not to worry, there’s always the pay off, eh Dave?