Open Thread Wednesday 9/19


Lots of stuff to talk about today… you don't need me to prompt you this week…

Comment away!

Don't forget Dick Swizzle's Sudden Death Game Show tonight at Magnetic Field

BHB Photo Club pic by fkuffel via Flickr

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  • pbdotc

    pitt & clooney film set being prepared on state bet. clinton and court?

    my source (aka the all-night security guard) says film is called ‘read and destroy’ — or something like that.

    don’t know when the talent arrives but they painted some houses which suggests it’s a big-budget deal.

  • nancy

    The production crew will be housed in the empty restaurant space in the St. George Tower.

  • JL

    Correct, more info here:

  • josh

    Brownstoner has a few more details on the shoot…

    IMDB page on the production:

  • josh

    Brownstoner has a few more details on the shoot…

    IMDB page on the production:

  • beach lady

    I recognize that big sink hole…. i had been meaning to call 311 to report it.

    Movie stuff should be fun. I will try and get close enough to pinch some clooney/pitt ass…. any volunteers to bail me out of jail?

  • elizabells

    On it, beach lady. Go!

    Has anyone else noticed how anxiously friendly the people at Busy Chef are? Every time I go in (generally late afternoon) there are like five employees and maybe one customer, and they smile and pounce like Scientologists at Times Square. I’ve heard the owner is a bit of a jerk to work for, but he doesn’t beat them or something, does he? Are they sending coded “help us!” signals? Do they get a 75% commission? I don’t get it!

  • spm

    Found a great place for delivery: Crave in Carroll Gardens who delivers to the Heights. It’s not inexpensive, but you get real restaurant quality. The food was delicious. I had a lobster roll where the the bun was moist, not soggy and a generous helping of lobster. Also, french fries were delivered warm and non-greasy. Also enjoyed were the spring rolls – both vegetarian and duck confit as well as a rare tuna sald. The delivery man was also really pleasant – saying “I really hope you enjoy your dinner.” Kudos to them – you can view an online menu at – it is seriously good food.

  • miller

    Crave is amazing but is very pricey.

  • Sawyer

    Has anyone ever used Heights Cleaners on Montague for tailoring/alterations? Just had a nightmare experience with them – very rude service and didn’t get the job done for me. I always assumed they were good but never used them before. Was this a one-off experience? I won’t ever go back there, that much is certain.

  • Pineapple

    Does anyone know the back story of the two guys (perhaps twins) that can be seen on various street wearing identical goggles? They seem to be BH staples….