Peter Hedges’ Novel, The Heights, Set For March Debut

BHB photo by C. ScalesNovelist, screenwriter, director and actor Peter Hedges, whose studio is on Montague Street, has completed a new novel, The Heights, set in–where else?–Brooklyn Heights. Publishers Weekly reviewer Sandrea Talarico calls it “spellbinding”:

The title refers to a Brooklyn neighborhood populated with stay-at-home moms who plan themed birthday parties and discuss marriage over lattes. … Tackling such major issues as fidelity, parenthood and culture, Hedges (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?) handles them all with finesse. Using a dry wit mixed with real empathy and humanity, he renders all of his characters flawed, complex and ultimately lovable.

The Heights, published by Dutton, will be available in bookstores on Thursday, March 4. That evening, starting at 7:00, Hedges will be at BookCourt, 163 Court Street (between Pacific & Dean), to read from and sign copies of his book.

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  • David

    Didn’t JD Salinger already write this book? I mean, get original already!

  • Feral

    Groan… Amy Sohn did this already in “Prospect Park West.” Embarrassing.

  • Feral

    Oh and by the way that quote is not a PW review, that’s a comment from a bookstore owner in Scranton. Hence the complete cluelessness.

  • jorale-man

    It sounds like it could be a very entertaining read. People shouldn’t be so negative before having even seen it. Let’s support neighborhood authors and artists.

  • nabeguy

    I happen to work for the publisher and started reading an advance copy and find it to be an excellent mirror on the Heights scene…not necessarily a good reflection, but definitely spot on. I haven’t come across any references to BHB, but I’m sure that Homer will be played by Johnny Depp in the movie version.

  • my2cents

    I don’t think it will be as interesting as “In the Heights”

  • frbullwalker

    yes-we are all so vain and love to read about ourselves
    just go look in the mirror and you can probably save the $$$
    but the gossip might be juicy…and you want to be able to discuss it at a cocktail party and say you read it before the end of March when we will all move on