Brooklyn Independent TV on Joe Coleman, Whitney Ward, and the Odditorium

Brooklyn Independent Television recently interviewed artist and Heights resident Joe Coleman and his wife, Whitney Ward, and toured their Montague Street apartment, the “Odditorium”, with lots of views of Coleman’s paintings and the couple’s collection of bizarre curios.

BIT recently did short pieces on several other Heights people and institutions; we’ll be posting them over the next several days.

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  • beth

    Oooh I didn’t know he was a neighbor! I saw an exhibition of his in Berlin a few years ago and was completely fascinated. Would love for him to put some of his stuff on exhibition sometime.

  • AEB

    Quite well done! Never see him in the nabe…but perhaps he’s reclusive….

  • nabeguy

    I remember discovering his work in the early 80’s and being blown sideways by the incredible detail in his paintings, and the narratives they related. In my recollection, he had more of a wild-man-bite-the-head-off-of-chickens reputation back then…looks like his muse has served him well.

  • Andrew Porter

    This is a guy who really should be doing covers in the horror book genre. I’ll post the URL of this video in some places where he’ll get some well-deserved attention. There are other well-known artists in the nabe, including Robert Donato and Leo & Diane Dillon.

  • AEB

    There’s definitely an R. Crumb evocation….

  • Adam Suerte

    Joe is amazing, he’s known world wide, and has a years long waiting list for commissioned work, I think he likes being a recluse now. I met him when a friend of mine did some work for his wife many years go. Genuinely nice people. I also grew up down the Block from the Dillons (in Cobble Hill), their work is pretty amazing as well, they set up a gallery just for their work on Atlantic ave next to The Last Exit bar. I tried looking up Robert Donato, and couldnt find anything, is there somehewre to go and find his work Andrew?

    BTW, whats up with the announcer on that video? and the guy wheeling his kid on the hand truck.. very odd, but in a different way.

  • frbullwalker/pollyanna

    a very talented artist no doubt
    but what’s with the creepy music-can’t his art and his discussion stand on it’s own in the video
    let’s hope he continues to wield a paintbrush rather than weapon

  • andy

    Great video…Colemans attention to detail is amazing.Just layers upon layers of info and storylines.Does anybody have an original coleman painting for sale? What do his paintings command price wise these days?

  • lifer

    He has 22″X28″ prints going for a thousand bucks, so I would imagine his originals are alot more.