Brooklyn Heights, Blizzard of 1975

Andrew Porter sent us these black and white shots of Brooklyn Heights taken after the Blizzard of January 1975.  Click on photos for larger version.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Does anyone remember those heady days before NYC felt compelled to plow every single street several times, preventing frolicking and anyone having any fun in snow-clogged streets? Alas, I don’t have any photos of the massive snow fort/igloo that local kids built on Pineapple Street between Willow and Hicks. Nowadays, if you tried that, you’d get a one-way ticket to Riker’s Island…

  • jorale-man

    They really knew how to enjoy a snowstorm back then. Funny how the appearance of 70’s grit is covered up by a blanket of snow.

  • landlord

    what grit? Just because Bklyn is now all lily white, there isn’t grit?! NYC is over!

  • nabeguy

    “Hey, Andrew, the streets are now clear, so stop your blogging and get back to work!!!”…M. Bloomberg.

    As I recall, the city was broke back in 1975, and didn’t plow until at least everyone has dug out their cars.