Buh Bye: Nova Zembla

Furniture store Nova Zembla [117 Atlantic Avenue] will be closing its doors for good on March 31 after 11 years at that location.  Owner Tommy Safian writes on the store’s website:

While I am proud of the success Nova Zembla has had, the long hours and physically demanding work have taken their toll. To cite one example, I am long overdue for an operation to repair a torn rotator cuff that will prevent me from lifting anything for 6 months – a difficult restriction when operating a furniture store.

More importantly, having a child has changed my perspectives and priorities, and I want to pursue a new career that allows me to spend more quality time with my family.

The store is offering “liquidation pricing” through 3/31.

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  • Alex

    Nooooo! It’s such a cute store and I hate to see it go. That being said, I must admit that I’m pretty excited to check out the liquidation sale.

  • kd

    Ha. Love your use of sarcastic quotes around “liquidation pricing.” (Or maybe that’s just me projecting sarcasm…)

  • Eason

    My girlfriend and I used to refer to this store as “the overpriced furniture store”.

  • Bartlebie

    You and your girlfriend should move to Yorkville and shop at Ikea.

  • Eason

    Last I heard, Ikea was still in business. (OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SNAP!)

  • Bartlebie

    Like I said, move to Yorkville. Or better yet Murray Hill. I think you would be much more comfortable there.

  • Eason

    You might be more comfortable in Bithlo. Even better, you should move to Bithlo.