Open Thread Wednesday 9/5/07


The first OTW of the "Fall Season"….

Keep talkin' pizza here

RIP: The Greens 

Pool Lady moves to The Bronx next year…

BH memories on YouTube 

Ricky's is open on Montague…. PARTY

Homer Fink's Family Fist of Fury – next Wednesday!!

…and whatever else is on your mind. Comment away! 

BHB Photo Club pic by dietrich via Flickr

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  • Ish

    That Ricky’s basement is quite interesting. I found many useful things there for me and the wife.

  • nabeguy

    Anybody checked out the hole in front of 71 Pineapple St? Sort of explains the sagging sidewalk. It offers a pretty good peek into urban archeology, as you can see the original stone foundation.

  • montero

    Long Island Restaurant says “So sorry…closed. Call 917-xxx for emergencies.” Anyone know if this is temporary or permanent?

  • CS

    Mrs. Fink: try the Columbia Place laudromat. 237-1157. I had a problem with their dry cleaning service (they delivered my clothes to somebody on Pineapple Street) but I think they do a good job on cleaning, folding, etc. They are always busy…

  • GHB

    Homer, not knowing where else to post, I did so on the pizza thread. Sorry… Can you start a thread about good Middle Eastern food in the area? I miss Moroccan Star and Momantaser (sp?) Anybody ever try Tripoli? I like Tutt Cafe, but that’s more of a take-out kind of place.

  • Bklyn Native

    I’d been going to Moroccan Star for approximately 30 years, when it was next to the Iglesia Antioqua on Atlantic near Court. It was an amazing restaurant with a $10.95 3-course delicious Middle Eastern meal until around 1999. They lost their lease and moved about a block away to the other side of Atlantic, but didn’t seem to keep their customer base, though it was the same staff. The chef at Moroccan Star had previously worked at (the now defunct) Lutece.

    IMHO, Moroccan Star was the best Middle Eastern food on Atlantic. High quality, warm service, amazing prices.

    I think the place GHB mentions might have been Almontaser, which was in Cobble Hill where Lobo Tex-Mex now stands. That was good too. Alas, the nabe has changed and the number of Arabic restaurants has dwindled.

    For good, inexpensive, simple food, Fountain Cafe is decent. I love the shower nozzle mosaic fountain inside. Cheezy, but quaint.

  • GHB

    Bklyn Native and Claude Scales…Thanks for the feedback. Yes, Almontaser is what I meant. I loved Moroccan Star’s chicken tajine. Their food was always delicious, good service, nice people. I really miss that place. I used to take out of town guests there all the time. I’ll have to try Fountain Cafe. Haven’t tried Taze since they were Kapodokya (sp?) which was good.

  • Claude Scales

    My wife and I also mourn Moroccan Star. My favorite dish there was something called “eastern glaba,” which is a lamb stew made with okra. I haven’t seen it anywhere else. I also miss Almontaser, the demise of which predates my wedding. I’ve never tried Fountain Cafe, but my wife went there with a friend and found it unimpressive. I tried Tripoli once in my early days in the Heights (we’re going back 20+ years) and wasn’t impressed enough, given the prices, to want to go back.

    For the positive news, we’ve ordered kebabs and Middle Eastern salads delivered from Fatoosh for a couple of small parties we’ve hosted, and found the food ample, good and fairly priced. Some friends, whose judgment we trust, recently had dinner at Taze (which bills itself as “Mediterranean” but I believe is principally Turkish) and gave a good report.