“Mad Bomber” Ivanov Gets 18 Years

Ivaylo Ivanov, whose arsenal of guns and homemade bombs was discovered in the apartment he was sharing on Remsen Street two years ago, and who later admitted to spray-painting swastikas on synagogues and scattering hate literature around the neighborhood, today entered a guilty plea and will be sentenced to prison.

YourNabe.com: The man responsible for smearing swastikas across Brooklyn Heights and hoarding a secret cache of guns and explosives in his apartment won’t be coming back to the neighborhood any time soon.

Prosecutors announced Thursday that Ivaylo Ivanov, 39, pled guilty to multiple weapons possession and hate crime charges with the understanding that he would be sentenced to 18 years in prison.

We recently posted on Ivanov’s activities while in pre-trial detention at Rikers.

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  • No One of Consequence

    15 years for owning a handgun that was not used to commit a violent crime?
    I know you liberals are super-scared of guns, but in-spite of NYC’s incredibly absurd process to “legally” own a handgun, it is still a a second ammendment right to own a gun.

    I’m not saying that this guy might not have been a menace, but it sets a precedent that you might get locked up for 15 years for being an American.

  • No One of Consequence

    Actually, would be good to hear from any attorneys on this point, too.

  • DogRunDenizen

    NOOC: Perhaps because it’s been over two years you may have forgotten that this guy had an arsenal in his apt. He had 7 pipe bombs, including one stuffed into a football. He claimed that those were for “hunting”. There were high powered crossbows, sawed off shotguns, and other modified rifles with long range scopes.

    The fact that he blew off his finger while “cleaning” his Glock might have prevented a massacre. And to add to this insanity, he was also papering the nabe with swastikas and advocating the killing of Jews. A real red blooded American, huh?

    I knew this guy from the dog run. He was barely inhabiting our reality. Something was VERY wrong. He was a compulsive liar. He claimed to be a trained Mossad Special Forces agent of the U.S. Army and had over 35 kills as a sniper during the Bosnian conflict. He frequently talked about killing and violence. None of it was true.

    So before you go off on “liberals” re-read the facts of the case. Real Americans don’t manufacture pipebombs in their apartments and spread violent hate advocating killing other citizens. Murderers and terrorists do that. Unless you think it’s perhaps someone’s 1st and 2nd amendment right to do so? If that’s the case, flip on Fox (faux) News watch some Tea Party Convention coverage.

  • lifer

    Judging by when nooc’s posts were made, his or her thoughts may have been clouded (making the drinky drinky sign with hands). No one need be reminded of the case, the bombs, hate graffiti and the hatemail are mentioned above. I myself am guilty of going online after getting home from a long nite, happens to the best of us.

  • John C. Wentling

    It’s appropriate he’s in jail – but it’s certainly not appropriate that NYC residents are routinely denied their rights, be it under 2A or with that abominable “stop and frisk” policy NYPD engages in.

    You’re half right No One of Consequence. He abused his right, and now he’s suffering a consequence for it.

    You’ll get a kick out of this though:


  • nabeguy

    The 2nd amendment was written to cover muskets, not Glock automatics.

  • John C. Wentling

    Just like the First Amendment was written to cover quill pens, not computers. ;)

  • Percy

    The sentence is very stiff. But as a Jewish person, and given that even in recent weeks anti-semitic flyers were being scattered around Brooklyn, I say thank you Charles J. Hynes for setting a precedent, sending a message to these bigots that they will not just be able to get off.

  • No One of Consequence

    Can’t a fella get up early anymore without being labeled a drunk?

    I didn’t say anything about the pipe-bombs, the sawed-off shotgun, etc. I admitted that he was most likely a menace.

    According to YourNabe.com he got 15 years (albeit concurrently) for the handgun. That is excessive if anything.

    He had NOT yet committed any crime using the gun (ok, I’m sure that somehow shooting yourself is against the law). The authorities can’t go around arresting people for the mere suspicion that they might do something… because they might not. (Yes, yes, he was involved in a bunch of other nasty business, fine, lock him up for that.)

    It doesn’t matter what sort of firearm it is, as JCW points out that the free speech medium also doesn’t matter. The Bill of Rights was written broadly and intentionally left open to interpretation. You should be thankful for that and protect even the ones you don’t like, because once you lose one, the rest will be on the table.

    It reminds me of when Iraq was “liberated” and there was all the looting of national treasures, etc. Bush correctly stated that one of the risks of a free society is that sometimes people make bad decisions.

  • Sam

    To Dog Run Denizen: What do pipe bombs, murderers and terrorists have to do with Tea Parties and Fox News? Maybe you should have a spot of chamomile.

  • Arch Stanton

    nabeguy, with all due respect you seem to no nothing about the second amendment.

  • John C. Wentling

    Arch, even though I disagree with my old friend Nabeguy, the Second Amendment isn’t applicable in NY – YET. That will in all probability change sometime in June, when SCOTUS issues their opinion in McDonald v. Chicago. Bloomberg will have a cow, and I suspect, obfuscate and defy the court, AND the good citizens of NY.

    To quote Malcolm X, “it’s criminal to teach a man not to defend himself.”

  • nabeguy

    But I do know how to spell “know” Arch. I’ve heard the citizen’s army and defense-against-tyranny arguments, I just don’t buy them 225 years hence. So, shoot me.

  • Eddy

    Hence, I skipped the soliloquy…. I know you (Anti 2nd Amendment) folks are set in your beliefs… I make no pretense as to be able to change anyones opinion… In fact, I hope you never do see it my way, because if you do, it will only occur after we lost all our rights… Thankfully, the Supreme Court does not share you views… at least for now.

    Thanks for pointing out the typo… a good argument for proof reading…

  • Eddy

    P.S. Arch is only an alias…

  • John C. Wentling

    I’d point out that the liberal darling of constitutional “scholarship”, Alan Dershowitz, issued a warning to the anti-2A folks, in that if they kept attacking it, eventually the entire stack of the BoR would tumble – consider how our First and Fourth Amendment rights have eroded, through attacks by both the Left AND the Right. “Stop and frisk” sounds nice, but ultimately, it’s left us all vulnerable to Stasi-esque police tactics. Wonder how many White folks are subject to that policy?

    I’d be a little happier if the people of NY could simply possess police quality pepper spray – it has a sobering effect on criminals, and if for nothing else, provides a person the opportunity to flee to safety. But alas, they can’t even allow you that, so, it’s my considered opinion that the good people of NY simply need to ignore the law and if need be, suffer the consequences. Better tried by 12 than carried by 6.

  • WillowtownCop

    The 2nd amendment modernized with all the rest of them. That’s the really neat thing about the constitution; free speech back then meant newspapers and the town crier, and now it means internet blogs. Just like the 2nd amendment once meant muskets and now it means Glock 9mms. You can’t pick and choose what amendments you like.

    That being said, this guy was far from being someone who kept a pistol in the house in case he had a burglar. Responsible gun owners and Nazis with pipe bombs are not the same thing. There is also no way he was taking apart that gun to clean when he shot himself in the finger- I’ve taken apart a Glock a thousand times and you have to pull the slide back from the top with your finger on a latch on the side to take it apart. His fingers would have to be a foot long.

    I do think it’s stupid that Vermont, one state away, has no concealed carry laws whatsoever (its the only state in the country that doesn’t even require a permit). So you could be hiking in the woods, wander accidently across the border to NY, and be looking at 15 yrs in Attica for what’s perfectly legal ten steps away. The only good thing I can think of about NY’s law is people with illegal guns can’t really practice anywhere. Some kid took a shot at me in Brownsville one night out of a 3rd story window- if he’d been practicing, he wouldn’t have missed.

  • No One of Consequence

    The militia vs tyrannical state situation becomes a harder fight as the tyranny will possess significantly higher technological weaponry than any militia can hope to muster. But that doesn’t mean you don’t try. Look at Afghanistan. Those poor ass-backward villagers have been putting up respectable resistance for 8 years.

  • John C. Wentling

    That’s refreshing WillowtownCop – but then I know most cops are supportive of self-defense, it’s the politicians that are the problem. People will argue that Vermont is primarily rural, so it’s “different”. Then account for Philly or Pittsburgh, in a “shall issue” state, and no training (if we can call it that) required. In Arizona we’re going the route of Alaska – optional permit, after all, we can carry openly, and most prefer it to a CCW permit. The permit is a failsafe – “concealed” is rather subjective, so it’s not a bad idea to have a permit, just in case you run across a cop that’s not exactly supportive of one’s rights.

    Had a few shots taken at me in Brownsville, know exactly of what, and where, you speak. They practice along Van Siclen Ave, learned to avoid that strip near the train tracks after 9pm or so – and the park on Stone and Linden, another “practice” area.

  • Adam

    I am still upset they didn’t release this piece of scum into NYC for a few hours so I could “play” with him

  • nabeguy

    Willowtown, you’re right on as to the beauty of the inherent flexibilty of the Constitution, but last I checked, nobody has been killed by a blog. For the record, I’m for gun control (like most PD’s in America), not a Constitutional ban. And lest you think I’m a complete lily-livered liberal, I do support the death penalty…and think it should be mandatory in any case of murder that involves a gun.