Medical Emergency at Heights Cafe

A fire truck and two ambulances are parked on Montague Street outside the Heights Cafe, at the corner of Hicks Street. Inside the Cafe’s dining room, as of a few minutes ago, EMTs were performing CPR on a person lying on the floor.

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  • Andy G

    I stopped a Fireman and he said there was a cardiac arrest. No idea on the status of the patient. Puttin out the prayer vibes …

  • cat

    Oh, no. Hate to hear this. I hope the pt. is okay. In this neighborhood it is scary to think it may be someone we know.

  • WillowtownCop

    Is nothing private anymore? Why does this need to be on the internet?

  • reality

    Because we love reality TV and need to be involved in all the moves of our neighbors.

  • landlord

    i don’t think a police/fireman has the authority to answer a ‘civilian’s’ question. newbies should know not to be nosy. they should learn how to live in the big city and mind their business.

  • bornhere

    I agree with several of the comments; this was a private, wholly non-newsworthy story — except for the participants. It was not a crime scene or anything approaching that; even the few reported details bothered me. Private emergencies that unfortunately have to play out to some degree in public happen all the time, and there will always be the “looky-loos”; but, especially when there is nothing more to say than “this happened,” I think not everything needs to be reported as though it were breaking news. If a crime scene had been established or something of note had precipitated this, then it might rise to the level of “news”; but if “bus runs” are going to be reported as a matter of routine, there will be less room for debates about shameless plugs…..

  • Claude Scales

    As the one who posted this article, I take responsibility for it. I happened on the scene while walking from my apartment to Key Food. As I passed the Cafe, I could see an EMT obviously performing CPR on someone, whom I couldn’t see, lying on the floor. I didn’t stop to look or ask questions. When I returned home a few minutes later, I posted about what I had seen because I thought many people would want to know why there were several emergency vehicles with flashing lights gathered at the busy intersection of Hicks and Montague.

  • The Where

    Claude no need to apologize. However I will be calling the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMBULANCE for all the people crying about the death of privacy. Privacy is dead. The only people who complain about the death of privacy are old enough to know that the times, they are a changin’.

  • nabeguy

    TW, your waambulance line is DOA. Enough already. Although I’ll agree with you that privacy is dead. Orwell had it right, although I don’t think that even in his wildest imagination, he could have foreseen YouTube.