Good Morning: “Smoke Condition” At Clark Street, 2/3 Trains Not Running

There’s a “Smoke Condition” at the Clark Street station, according to the MTA, which explains all the fire trucks at Henry and Clark. All 2 and 3 trains have been suspended between Chambers and Atlantic. People are being told to take either the A/C or the R.

Update: Service was restored.

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  • Boop

    I was on the last train that went through. The train stopped in the tunnel for about 5 minutes with no PA announcement. People a little on edge. Train started moving as car began filling up with smoke and fire smell. Obviously people starting to freak out. Still no announcement. Finally after Wall Street conductor announced there was a “smoke” condition in the tunnel from Brooklyn.

  • cat

    I was just reading the article in the Times yesterday about the ineptitude and wastefulness of the MTA re: security of the subway system, etc. This is just one more example. How hard is it to make an announcement?

    Sorry you experienced that–it’s got to be scary.

  • Boop

    Thanks for your concern. I wasn’t sure if he didn’t make an announcement of if the PA system just wasn’t working in the initial car I was in. Either way, they’ve got stuff to work on.

  • Claude Scales

    I’ve never understood the use of the word “condition” in this context. What is the difference between “smoke condition” and “smoke”, apart from the addition of three redundant syllables?

  • lifer

    Are we sure it wasnt coming from all the college kids smoking in front of the hotel?

  • nabeguy

    lifer, that would be considered a “stoke condition”

  • No One of Consequence

    There was also some sort of building evacuation/suspicious package in lobby at one of the court (or Federal building?) across Cadman Park around noon. That’s all I know.

  • Dave

    People coming up the stairs at Clark made me just miss that train. One came right behind it and we sat on it with the doors open, figuring they wanted to get some space between your train and this one. Then the firemen came down and they closed up shop. Always on the days i need to be at work early. dah!

  • Digby

    unrelated to the (now seemingly frequent) smoke “condition” on the grand old 2/3, can anyone help me understand what it would take to fix/realign/spit shine the entry doors to the station on the Clark Street side? who is supposed to care about those death traps?