Open Thread Wednesday 1/27/10

who knew.
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  • The Whereov

    What’s the deal with the angry Russian porter on Orange Street across from Plymouth Church. Saw him screaming like little girl at two hipsters who didn’t meet his standards in garbage disposal last night around 7. Seriously, is this what happens when you fail the Russian Idol auditions?

  • AAR

    Maybe he has had the experience of being ticketed by Sanitation for improper disposal, which happens when people walking along the street add whatever they have in hand to the top of sorted garbage. I’d like to yell at these people and those who put their household garbage in the top of street baskets leaving no room for what they’re intended for…

  • John

    does anyone know when pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park is opening?

  • AEB

    OK, dinner last Saturday at Bread and Butter.

    My co-diner and I arrived very early, at 6:00 (we’re both geriatrics and need to be in bed not later than 7:15.)

    The place was mobbed. The only table available was near the front window, a seating that guaranteed a chilly experience.

    This we indeed had, as the front door was protected only by a curtain whose billows trapped the frigid air as the door opned and then released it in icy bursts. Memo to B & B: build a better buffer.

    On the table, a dish of sweet and sour sliced cukes–good, if a tad on the sweet side. Bread basket held cornbread and muffins, both of which would have been even more delish if warm, or at least room temp (see paragraph one).

    My companion started with a New Englandish clam chowder, quite good, and I with slices of andouille, also good. Companion then had scallops, perfectly done, served with creamed corn that left the Green Giant stuff way, way, way in the dust.

    I had deviled short ribs that were really a treat, the meat both melting and chewy (go figure), bones and meat covered with crsip breadcrumbs, served with excellent mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. Perfect winter food.

    Coffee, but no dessert. The hostess, who I believe is also the owner, and who seemed to have something of an attitude, placed the check on the table before we were finished. “When you’re ready,” is the usual line, and she said it. What is meant–and what is felt–is, “we want you to go.”And so we did.

    Good food, generally good experience, excellent menu: a boon to the nabe.

    Grade: B+

  • AEB

    PS, tab was steep: $80 or so with tip.

  • AAR

    AEB – Thanks for good and apparently balanced review. Wine Bar has the same draft problem, which has been nicely solved in several neighborhood places with a framed canvass vestibule. Nice to know that all the eateries on that block of Henry Street are doing well.

  • AEB

    Thanks, AAR. As grandma would have asked, “Is it good for the Jews?” It is.

  • R.S.

    Can anyone recommend a good car rental place in the area?

  • Homer Fink

    The Brooklyn Bugle exclaims – Brooklyn should have a Major League Baseball team!!!

    Vote in our poll –

  • harumph

    R.S. – we use Allcar Rentals – they are in the garage of the Marriott and so are very close by – easy to deal with and drop off is a cinch even if they are not open – the garage is! They have good prices but gotta say their cars aren’t always the newest…but if you aren’t thrilled, and you ask nicely, they almost always will change yours for a better car…usually with loaded with extras! A very oddly run place – so much the better!

  • ak


  • Publius

    Anyone know a bar in the hood where one can watch the State of the Onion tonight?

  • John

    why would a bar have that playing people go to bars to escape the real world for a bit. lol

  • C-berry

    Publius – I bet they would have it on at Floyd

  • Publius

    This is pretty cool:

    Type in any NYC address, click the photo icon, and then slide the time back to 1926 to see what stood at that exact location.

  • nabeguy

    Way cool, Publius, thanks for the link

  • Jane

    Hi neighbors! I am a Brooklyn Heights resident and am looking for part time babysitting work. For the past 2 years I have sit for a lovely family who unfortunately moved away. I have great references, am energetic and have good rates (so I’m told). If anyone is looking for someone for a much needed date night, or just need time away on the weekends, I’d love to meet you and your kids. If interested, please email at Have a great day!

  • Eddy

    Publius, Thanks for the link! lots of useful Info…

  • Billy Reno

    Expensive comfort food isn’t comforting, B & B. I’d rather drop $80 at JTH. BTW, the filet mignon special there on Sat. was outstanding!

  • Eddy

    AEB, did the tab include drinks?

  • Kat

    Does anyone know what’s up with the empty police station on Poplar Street? I just moved in across the street and am curious. Many thanks!

  • nabeguy

    Kat, do a search of this site under Poplar Street. There have been a number of stories on the stationhouse.

  • nabeguy

    Can anyone recommmend a good computer tech person in the nabe? My laptop is on the fritz.

  • R.S.

    Thanks harumph and ak.

  • Publius

    @John: This article in the NY Post says the park opening is being delayed due to a turf war between the Bloomberg Administration and the State over control and who should bet credit:

  • nabeguy

    “bet credit” Nice Freudian slip, Publius.

  • Publius

    Nah, G’s one key away from B on the keyboard. First day with the new fingers. Sometime’s a cigar is just a cigar. ;-)

  • Deborah

    The “new” guy at Plaza Cleaners is an idiot. Can anyone recommend a reputable dry cleaner/laundry service in the North Heights?

  • Brooklyn Ed

    I liked the food at B&B, but found the music much too loud. I won’t be going back.

  • ls

    I have a tux that needs tailoring. Any recommendations for a tailor nearby? Is the tailor on Henry St any good or should I go into Manhattan? It’s an expensive tux.