Open Thread Wednesday 8/22/07

Cranberry House

Plenty to discuss this week —

North Heights food "scene"… en fuego? (Call it NoHe, Northe, NoBro…)

NYUber Alles

Boccelism cured in FloydNY summer league… will teams quit whinin'? 

Don't forget it's another edition of Dick Swizzle's Sudden Death Game Show tonight at Magnetic Field

Laundromat…. need a laundromat. 

And from around the interweb: Blue Pig now pink, stink at dog park and car thefts on Willow Street covered by the Brooklyn Eagle.

Comment away! 

BHB Photo Club pic by Josh Derr on Flickr

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  • Publius

    The “stink” at the dogpark is another Heights nonstory.

    For the past few YEARS the elegant stinkhorn mushroom has grown in the natural wood chip mulch at Hillside Dog Park. This is a non-poisonous mushroom that attracts flies to propagate its spores. Supposedly it smells like rotting meat. However, as someone who spends an average of 2 hours a day at Hillside for the past 2 years, I can attest that I’ve never smelled those mushrooms, though they spring up in July and last until late October. They are actually quite attractive–a dayglo red/orange blend.

    Thank heavens we live in such as eventless nabe that this “story” is actually printed in a newsapaper. Yawn.

  • landy

    this is the crazy pigeon feeding lady’s house

  • fishermb

    to follow up on last weeks Haircuttery recommendations, I went to Van Sickel yesterday for the first time and I was extremely pleased and will definitely be going back there from now on, went to Jessica which several people suggested. $20 for men’s haircut, and unlike many places which try to go through men’s haircuts quicker since they’re cheaper, they actually took a solid 30 minutes.

  • fishermb

    whats up with this week’s lack of posting on OTW?

  • brookie

    I went to Van Sickel for the first time yesterday as well and had an excellent experience as well. Jessica did a fantastic job on my hair and didnt try and get me to buy a ton of hair products. She spoke with me about my hair for 10 minutes BEFORE we started and left me looking terrific. I recommend her to women with long and short hair!

  • Nigel

    Landy, she’s not crazy.

  • Publius

    Yes, Jessica rocks. She’s been cutting my hair for over a year. She really takes her time and does a very exact job.

    Van Sickel is a Heights hidden gem. Great vibe, very quaint, and they really get to know you and value your business.

    Don’t tell too many people–I want to still be able to make a convenient appointment.

    Since the prices are so low, make sure to tip well–and don’t forget the nice Russian lady who washes your hair.

  • Claude Scales

    I discovered Jessica about a month ago, and had my second haircut from her last week. I’ll gladly lend my voice to the chorus of praise.

  • landy

    nigel i meant that in the nicest possible way :)

  • nelson

    Claude or Publius
    Can you tell me where Van Sicel is? ( I promise not to tell a soul) Need a good haircut locally.

  • nabeguy

    Nelson, it’s on Middagh Street between Hicks and Willow, although I can’t guarentee that the same cutters are there, since the original posts are over a year old.

  • Publius


    If you can wait until Monday, Jessica is who I go to at Van Sickel and she’s great. She’s still there.

    Mark the owner is also quite good.