Best Laundromat & Dry Cleaners in Heights

b085-natural.jpgSince we had such a great response to our post about haircutters in the Heights, we thought we'd make open thread recommendations a semi-regular feature.

Today's topic — the best laundromat and dry cleaners in the nabe. Could be the same place or two different ones.

Comment away…

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  • fishermb

    I go to the dry cleaners on the corner of Henry and Montague (Best Dry Cleaners? I dont even know the name). Theyre always on time and reasonably priced considering they are organic cleaners.

  • Homer Fink

    Thanks for the comment. Now that our tech difficulties are fixed, I look forward to other posts!

  • Tilly

    Dear Homer,
    I am glad to hear your technical problems have been resolved. Hope this means that the comments will not have a vertical line running through them from now on.
    That would ne nice.
    I always bring my stuff to golden hanger, they just moved their store from Montague to Clark. I like their pick up and delivery, very efficient, I never set foot in the store.

  • Artie

    The cleaners (Plaza?) next to the movie theater is also good, organic and fast.

  • CJP

    Heights Cleaners on Montague has always been fast, curteous and offers 20 percent off for pre-paid orders on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

  • BklynJace

    Another vote for the Henry/Orange cleaners by the movie theater. They seem to change their name every year, but they’ve always been good and nice to folks.

  • Billy Reno

    Heights Cleaners on the corner of State and Henry does my duds proper!
    20 Percent off Mon and Sat!

    I generally stay away from anything that says “French Cleaners”, because
    I’m afraid if they run into a stain too tough, they’ll just surrender.

  • Jen

    Can anyone recommend a good tailor for womens clothes? I just need simple stuff done, like hemming etc but have not been happy with the tailor at my dry cleaner (I go to the one on the corner of Hicks & Pineapple). Thanks.

  • steve

    Jen, there is a new tailor shop on Henry Street, right near the St. George Subway exit (directly across from Gristedes). The tailor is the man who used to be at Golden Hangers on Clark St. when it was next to Heights Prime Meats (It has now moved to where Absam used to be). He altered a number of suits for me, and did an outstanding job.

  • Jen

    Thanks, Steve! I’ll give them a try.

  • xy

    Has anyone used the dry cleaners on Columbia Place?

  • CS

    Yes, I’ve used them and my clothes ended up in somebody else’s closet on Pineapple Street. The owner delivered them by mistake and nobody noticed. And somehow, it was all my fault because I have too many clothes….

  • xy

    Thanks for the info, CS. Who do you use now?

  • CS

    I’ve been going back to the Heights Cleaners where they have the prepay discount. They have 2 locations. One is Montague and Henry and the other is State and Henry. I have had problems with them in the past too but at least I get my clothes back.

  • ELB

    I wouldn’t go to the laundromat at 132 Montague Street. They don’t check ticket numbers and have managed to give away almost $2000 worth of my clothing in one shot.

  • Sharon

    I am not having any luck in finding a laundromat in BK Heights with machines to do it yourself – please, does anyone know the closest one to Hicks/Pineapple? All I am finding is dry-cleaners….

    Please help, thank you!!