NY Post Covers Swizzle

The NY Post has a feature on "adult fun" at local bars which apparently has a distinctly different meaning than it did when we were growing up.  The Post was at the most recent Dick Swizzle Sudden Death Game Show at Magnetic Field (which just happend to be the BHB 1st Anniversary Party as well…ahem) and took some fancy pics and got the lowdown from the Swizzmeister General:

pul037d.jpgNew York Post: Drink and Strive: “New Yorkers are creative,” says William Crane, aka, Dick Swizzle, and co-owner of Magnetic Field (magneticbrooklyn.com) in Brooklyn Heights. “All it takes is one person to start doing something and it becomes a trend.”

While Crane-Swizzle, wasn't the first to turn his local watering hole into something trendworthy – that honor could go to Donald O'Finn, manager of Freddy's Bar & Backroom (freddysbackroom.com) who began creating “an adult playground” with events like Cringe Night, Board Game Night and Quiz Night at his bar over 10 years ago – he's certainly taking advantage of New Yorkers' thirst for fun. Magnetic Field's activity nights, which include Dick Swizzle's Sudden Death Game Show (on the first and third Wednesday of the month) and the Fun Dip Variety Hour (on the last Wednesday of the month) have been attracting “trivia and game show geeks” for five years now.

“I saw the trivia nights everywhere and thought I'd start it here,” says Crane-Swizzle. “But here, you're participating like you're on TV.”

Photo: NY Post

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    Thank God I’m not on TV!