Heights History: Cops Clamp Down on Revelers

On November 12, 1937 the New York Times reported that 6 NYPD patrolmen and one sergeant were dispatched in plainclothes to crack down on unruly “revelers” on the streets of Brooklyn Heights.  The special unit patrolled the area “bounded by Joralemon Street on the south, Middagh Street on the north, Fulton Street on the east and Columbia Heights on the west from 9PM to 5AM.

Residents had been kept awake in the wee hours for “months” according to the report. New York City Corporation Counsel Paul Windels and other members of the Brooklyn Heights Association had been complaining for several months about the noise with most of it blamed on “boisterous couples” attending affairs at the St. George Hotel, the Towers Hotel and the Bossert Hotel. The hotels claimed the noise was more likely coming from people passing through the St. George on their way to the subway.

Windels, was regarded as one of Mayor LaGuardia’s top advisors and was credited with cleaning up the financial and legal mess caused by years of Tammany Hall control of the city.  Earlier in his career, he proposed the treaty between New York and New Jersey that made the construction of the Holland Tunnel possible.  Later in his life, he served as president of the BHA.  He died in 1967 at the age of 82.

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  • No One of Consequence

    Boisterous JW in the Bossert (Which is The Towers? I know what the St. G Hotel is)?
    In the wee hours? Must have been when they were getting up.

    What would The Christ Do?

  • Homer Fink

    NOC – this is from 1937, way before the Watchtower acquired the properties. Yes, there was “fun” in the Heights back then.

  • http://epcostello.net/ epc

    I’ve seen the Leverich hotel referred to as the Towers (it’s a Watchtower building now, occupying the block between Clark and Pineapple on Willow).

  • No One of Consequence

    Yes, 1937, my bad.

  • http://www.myspace.com/billyreno Billy Reno

    Wait! We were at war with Jersey?

  • Homer Fink

    You don’t remember the great War of the Hudson?

  • Teddy

    Brooklyn Heights was a much different animal back in the day when the docks were active. You had a lot of boarding houses, bars, greasy spoons, clubs, etc. Along with that came prostitutes, a lot of drunks walking the streets and of course crime. In other words, the Heights was place to go if you wanted to have a good time or looking for some “opportunities” (drunk seamen who were just paid off).

  • Mike

    Perhaps the “revelers” were doing their part in fighting the Fascist Generalissimo Francisco Franco.