B’Paper Writer Hangs with Watchtower

In this week's Heights Lowdown, Brooklyn Paper columnist Juliana Bunim visits with the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Brooklyn Paper: The Witnesses Next Door: Inside the Brooklyn Heights “Kingdom Hall,” which is on Willow Street near Orange Street, there were no crucifixes or images of any kind — only a simple auditorium and an unassuming pulpit for speakers. No stained glass. No relics. It hardly looked like a place of worship.

I told the woman next to me that I lived down the street and am unaffiliated with the Witnesses. She looked surprised. “That’s very brave of you,” she said.

Brother Clark, an elder, took to the front wearing a simple suit. The answer to dealing with anxiety, he said, is to put your suffering on “Jehovah,” until you can find a more permanent cure in God’s kingdom. Shoot. I’m screwed.

We're bummed that Bunim didn't bother to ask the JWs why they crushed the dreams of many Heights residents by giving a thumbs down to the Paping Soapbox Derby. Or those nasty lawsuits.  And she could have delivered the message that we really don't want anyone ringing our bell with "Good News" on Sunday morning. But that would be like a journo in Clearwater, Florida yelling Teegeack at a Scientology meeting, eh?

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