Damages Shoots Car Crash Scene on Willow and Cranberry Thursday

FX drama drama Damages will “reenact a car crash” in the vicinity of Willow and Cranberry Streets on Thursday (11/19) according to a notice distributed in the area on Wednesday.

Read the entire memo after the jump.img6

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  • cranberrykid

    I have never posted before and live on this block and was walking to the subway for WORK and the PA’s were rude and asked me to move out of the way. I am WALKING TO WORK in a direct line?! I don’t mind them filming and it is even exciting but I think the team should be respectful to residents who live here.

  • David on Middagh

    There’s been a lot of setting up underneath my window on Middagh (between Willow & Hicks). I hear the sound of wooden blocks being cut. There is a heavy camera at the corner of Hicks. (Whoops… it’s already been moved away.)

  • Homer Fink

    Crew was seemed jolted when I was nice to them.. guess they’re already shell shocked or… whatever… they say they’ll be gone “before dark”.

  • Sticky

    They still make this show? I thought it was a mini series since they killed off Ted Danson. Maybe I will go for a little walk today and check this one out. I remember when they filmed Scent of a Woman when I was a tyke. After that there was no reason to walk by a set.

  • nabeguy

    This was a badly set-up location. There was one PA standing off the south corner of Cranberry trying to stop people going down Hicks so they wouldn’t be in the shot. And yet, there was no one on the north side of Cranberry stopping people like me going up Hicks. He attempted to halt a man and boy, prompting the father to say, “Sorry, but I have to get my son to school” to which the PA actually made a crack about the virtues of punctuality. And they had closed off Hicks Street to the north of Orange Street at the height of the morning rush hour. Stealing parking spaces is one thing, but re-routing traffic is quite another.

  • Eason

    But let me add that if this was for Godfather 4… you would all need to comply and help me close down half of brooklyn so they can make that film. Sorry no school for lil’ Timmy.

  • lcd

    The most courteous, pleasant, apologetic PA’s I’ve ever encountered were the ones working on The Departed several years ago, on the corner of Hick & Remsen. Maybe Scorsese treats his people well, and it trickles down. Those self important PA’s drive me nuts.

  • Kirsten Fisher

    The crew always leave a lot of food behind on the sidewalk. The rats will eat well tonight. I will never forget one night after the crew had left Hicks Street and Middaugh the rats were running around in the playground at PS8, with muffins in their mouths.

  • jiker

    i was walking down willow and there was a guy at the corner with his headset giving me this stare like he was a big tough security dude. i just smiled at him as he stood there in the rain doing his important and cool job in the film business. they think they are above everyone cause they are in the film industry. what a bunch of bitches.

  • Snoopy

    A muffin can be very filling.