Willowtown’s Iris Cafe – the Photos!

BHB tipster “TF” ran out in the rain to catch opening day at Iris Cafe at 20 Columbia Place.  He says, “I can’t wait to go there for lunch. It’s adorable and the people were super friendly.”

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  • alex

    Thanks for posting. I’m excited to check it out myself. I hope it does well!

  • anon
  • andy

    I just had a cookie and some cider there. Delicious and the people were very friendly. The menu on the website isn’t complete. They also have sandwiches and salads.

  • someone

    is that the space where the video store used to be in? well, that might have been over a decade ago…

  • Lefty

    I hope people in the neighborhood support this store.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/theyardie/298366254/ David

    Do they sell condoms and malt liquor there?

  • cat

    Is that in the space where Alicia’s used to be? I’m glad something has opened in there. We’ll go check it out. I hope the coffee is better than Tazza’s coffee.

  • alex

    Cat, I believe it’s next to the old Alicia’s space.

  • tb

    What every happened to Alicias? I know they had a problem with speed
    of service but the food was good when it finally arrived.

  • Billy Reno

    Super cute place. Nice staff and STUMPTOWN COFFEE BABY!

  • alex

    I heard Alicia’s (and all other businesses) got pushed out by Pinnacle, the owner of the building.

  • bklyn20

    I bet Pinnacle didn’t make things easy for Alicia’s, and certainly until now they have been warehousing the storefronts. However, I also heard that Alicia’s didn’t have all their proper permits, and I think they also didn’t have the proper fan/ventilation setup, making life miserable for the neighbors upstairs. I f I recall correctly, the City Marshals closed it down. I KNOW that they didn’t have a sidewalk permit for their cafe tables, but it’s such a quiet block that no one complained.

  • aaron

    i used to live directly above alicia’s. never had any problems with smell, noise or really anything at all. miss that place!

  • Eric

    Food and staff were both excellent! Can’t wait to go back!

  • Aaron

    Best coffee in B Heights. I mean, really great espresso drinks. Staff is friendly, the space is simple and comfortable. Food is lovely.

  • heightsdiho

    Husband and I were there today already caffeinated or would have had the coffee. It looked and smelled wonderful and the Barrista knows how to artfully swirl the milk on a cappuccino or a latte. The Blue brie, pear and walnut salad it quite good and the atmosphere is laid back and pleasant. We even took two biscuits (cheddar and “Surryano” ham) to go for breakfast tomorrow. Can someone enlighten me as to what Surryano Ham is – I know Serrano ham, but this sounds a bit like Surabaya Johnnie Ham. Just curious.


  • m
  • heightsdiho

    back @ m – Thanks! Actually googled it myself earlier today. I still prefer calling it Surabaya Johnnie Ham though…

  • Monty

    Very professional staff who lovingly prepared a really beautiful latte and americano. Tasted awful however. Bitter, sour, acidic. Maybe give them another try in a few weeks when they are settled, but otherwise I am sticking with Tazza.

  • alex

    I stopped by twice over the weekend and have a great experience both times. Lovely atmosphere, friendly staff and delicious food.

    My only hope is that as time goes on they diversify the menu. For breakfast, the choices were: yogurt (which I’m sure is good, but I’m not a yogurt person), pastries (I believe they’re there, although I didn’t see any), a breakfast sandwich whose ingredients (egg, lettuce, tomato) make it seem more appropriate for lunch and several different variations of boiled egg (which I had, and which was delicious). I’d love to see a normal egg sandwich, maybe even with sausage, a bagel with lox, oatmeal, etc. I understand that pancakes and such might be more than the small kitchen can handle, but a few more small things would round out the menu nicely.

    The lunch menu seemed to be more extensive until I started looking closely and realized that all but one of the sandwiches are vegetarian. The ham was delicious, but I’d like even more meat choices, please!

    I’d love to be a regular customer of Iris Cafe, but it will be hard to keep going back unless they add some menu items I can get excited about.

  • alex


  • Matthew Parker

    I stopped in last night. It’s a cute place with nice people running it.

    And, of course, Stumptown coffee, my every morning miracle. Silky, hints of caramel, low acid, flavorful.

    The coffee was good, though it was served from a thermos. I was hoping that like at the Stumptown stand at Brooklyn Flea, each cup would be made individually on demand with a tiny drip filter. It takes an extra 2 minutes, and likely is more costly, but it sure makes a great cup.

    Good chocolate chip raisin cookies (a little pricey for the size).

    They could use a bench outside. I saw one in front of an empty store front next door. Perhaps the landlord will let them commandeer it.

    I’m looking forward to when they begin retailing Stumptown beans. It will save me a few blocks walk down to Cafe Pedlar in Cobble Hill, now that Stumptown appears to have forsaken the Brooklyn Flea.

  • moddeep

    I really wanted to like this place, but I I have several issues about it:
    -It seems that they are only open 12 minutes every day. It would be great if they could stay open later in the evening as a meeting place for neighbors and friends.
    -every item on the menu either has serrano ham or brie cheese in it
    -regular coffee cost $2
    -we came into the cafe super excited and welcomed them to the neighborhood and the dude barely responded with any enthusiasm.
    I really hope this place works out and is successful!