Open Thread Wednesday 11/18/09

Flickr photo by Tom Rupolo

Flickr photo by Tom Rupolo

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Below info taken from Wik….

    The church doors feature bronze medallions taken from the giant dining room entry way on the Normandie. The original two dining room doors were 20 foot tall, spanned over two ship decks in height and had 10 medallions–five on each door. The fate of the actual Normandie doors is not known. Six of the medallions were installed in the church’s Henry St. doors. Four of the medallions were installed in the two Remsen St. doors.
    The original door assemblies on the ship included script under each medallion describing the scene. The medallions were created by the French artist Raymond Subes.
    This is based on a June 20, 1982 New York Times article and two books on the Normandie: (1) “Normandie, Liner of Legend” by Clive Harvey. (2) “Normandie Queen of the Seas” by Foucart, Offrey, Robischon, and Villiers.
    This is also based on a July 2007 phone discussion in which the church representative indicated that the church does not have the SS Normandie doors but rather has medallions from the Normandie mounted in its own church doors. Mansour Stephan, the church’s pastor at the time of the acquisition, was an antique enthusiast. The church also acquired the Normandie’s Captain’s Table that remains in use at this time.

  • melanie hope greenberg

    I’ll be signing books. Hope you will stop by and say hello. Thanks!

    Children’s Book Fair Saturday, November 21, 12-4 p.m. The Rubin Pavilion.
    Meet your favorite Brooklyn authors and illustrators.
    The Brooklyn Museum presents the third annual Children’s Book Fair, with more than 30 Brooklyn authors and illustrators.
    Location: 200 Eastern Parkway – Brooklyn, NY – 11238
    Subway: 2 or 3 to Eastern Parkway/Brooklyn Museum

  • T.K. Small

    Yesterday I went to a book signing in Manhattan and met CNBC/Mad Money personality Jim Cramer. I mentioned to him that I lived in Brooklyn Heights because he used to live here also. Immediately he started raving about the neighborhood.

  • melanie hope greenberg

    @T.K. BH is a writer’s mecca. Had no idea when I moved here.

  • T.K. Small

    I better start writing my book soon, otherwise I might get kicked out of the neighborhood!

  • ABC

    did anyone hear about that weird kidnapping yesterday (was it yesterday?) over around adams/tillary. honestly, sounded like a movie

  • Gianluca

    Henry 20 is in construction again? Uhm!

  • http://www cz

    this may have been discussed here before, but does anyone have leads on
    somewhere that to list a short term sublet for my place in BK heights?
    Just wondering if there is a slightly ‘better’ ‘more trustworthy’ option then craigslist, etc..

    I have a fairly nice, good sized, 1 BR on Pierrepont, and am curious to see
    what the going rate for say a month is for such a place.

    I end up traveling abroad a lot, and thought I might ‘look into it’.
    Any info/advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • anon

    Some of the parenting email listserves are good places for short term apartment sublets. There are two in the neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights and Bococa, which are on Yahoo, as well as the larger Parkslopeparents. There are apts listed, as well as those looking for short term stays (typically in laws or parents in for the holidays or when a baby is born).

  • Publius

    @CZ: Rather than listing a sublet on Craigslist, consider using a broker that specializes in short term sublets. I’m not a landlord or a broker, but just recently I did sublet an apartment in DUMBO for some relatives visiting from Europe for a few weeks, and as a renter, the experience of using a broker to find a good sublet was much better than trying to go it my own on Craigslist.

    The owner usually picks up the brokers fee, which IMHO is worth it for both renter and landlord.


    @CZ, here is the link for the Bococa listserve:

  • north heights res

    Just a word in favor of Dr. Norton at Heights Vet. Over the last few months, I’ve had occasion to need a lot of vet care: foster kittens, abandoned cats, my own felines. Dr. Norton has been available, generous, and kind in every circumstance. I could never have managed these situations, financially or emotionally, without her consideration. I feel lucky that we’ve got her in the neighborhood.

  • AEB


    The local PO, which I’ve been petitioning for weeks, see previous reports, has ACTUALLY de-GUDER-ized the mail drop-off box near the SW corner of Hicks and Middagh.

    His tags n’existe plus. They’re gone. Painted out.

    One small step for man…I mean, personkind!

  • xochi

    ABC, your question regarding the kidnapping alarmed me, and i found this on the brooklyn papers website:

  • AEB

    (OK. His tags n’existent plus. Hope y’all forgive me!)

  • Monty

    Anyone else bothered by how dark the corner of Willow and Pierrepont is? Particularly on the eastern side of Willow St just past the corner where I walk with a stroller every evening. If the folks in the ground floor apartment don’t have their lights on, the sidewalk is pitch black.

  • AEB

    Monty, call 311. Really.

  • Teresa

    A friend just alerted me to a lost cat she found in downtown Brooklyn…very friendly, dog friendly, too, pretty dirty, wearing a collar.

    If you or someone you know lost a cat, please click on my name–contact info on the website.

  • nabeguy

    AEB, it looks more like they were wiped out and not painted out (which would be an ironic redundancy). In any case, they’re gone, which is all that really matters.

  • cat

    xochi–thanks for the link re: the kidnapping. The B’lyn Paper also reported in the police blotter that a teenager was mugged at Clinton & Schermerhorn just after sunset on Nov. 13. This is literally right outside my front door, so I’m always interested to know. Forewarned is for forearmed (though not literally).

  • AEB

    Nabe, just checked the box close-up–and yes, hardly a repainting. In fact, a stripping, almost down to the metal in places. But the alternative much worse, as you suggest.

    However, I’m convinced that what is needed is a Ministry of Aesthetics, with me as semi-benevolent dictator-topcat. First pronouncement: think ball-fringe. On everything.

  • nabeguy

    Ball fringe? What are you, AEB, my great-aunt? Although, on second thought, ball fringe might be just the right touch for the bishop crook lights.

  • Monty

    Surprised it hasn’t been posted already, but the Danish Seamen’s Church annual Christmas fair is today and tomorrow. Assuming it’s the same as last year, this evening from 5-8 will be the Danish market and hot dog tent at the church on Willow St and tomorrow from 11-5 for the food festival at the German church on Hicks.

  • Matthew Parker

    Earlier this morning I walked by Le Petite Marche on Henry St. There are two Board of Health signs on the front windows ordering the restaurant closed.

    I saw workers inside cleaning up.