Daily News Gives Hizzoner Bum Advice; Fink Challenges Him to Trivia & Bocce

bloombergbocce.jpgThe New York Daily News makes some recommendations to Mayor Bloomberg on where to entertain himself while working at this temporary office in Downtown Brooklyn.  However New York's Picture Newspaper leaves out a few joints that Hizzoner should check out including N'eights staples Noodle Pudding and Henry's End as well as strong newcomers Jack the Horse Tavern and Le Petit Marche. Not to mention that Bloomie is welcome to challenge Homer, Qfwfq, Claude Scales, Captain Jack, EJ, Risi and the rest of the regulars at the next Dick Swizzle Sudden Death Trivia Gameshow on July 18 at Magnetic Field. And as the photo on the left suggests, Mr. Bloomberg loves bocce. If Hizzoner thinks he can handle the stiff competition from BHB's team Brigate Bocce we challenge him and 3 staffers of his choice to a game at FloydNY anytime in the next two weeks.

New York Daily News: You're Gonna Love Brooklyn: But there's plenty of shopping all around – from the tony shops of Montague St. to the discount palaces at Fulton Mall to the hip boutiques of Court and Smith Sts.

On a rainy day, you can catch a flick at the UA Court St., the borough's loudest movie theater. But on a clear afternoon, you can take a free dip at the barge pool between Piers 4 and 5 – which boasts sweet views of your old home in lower Manhattan.

Elsewhere, Mayor Bloomberg and gal pal Diana Taylor can watch the sun set at the Fulton Ferry Landing at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, and share a pie at Grimaldi's, one of Sinatra's favorites and just a jaunt from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

But if it's hot dogs you're craving, don't bother making the trip to Coney Island: The lines at the Nathan's Famous at the food court on Court St. are much shorter.

And before going back to Manhattan, you might want to rub elbows with all the Brooklyn lawyers and district attorney employees at O'Keefe's Bar and Grill, also on Court St.

Update: Brooklyn Eagle reports on Mayor Bloomberg's first Brooklyn press conference.

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  • eric

    “On a rainy day, you can catch a flick at the UA Court St., the borough’s loudest movie theater.”

    Bwahahahahaha! Are they talking about the sound from the movie, or from the audience?!? Hahahaahahaha

  • yo

    that list makes me want to throw up…….Nathans on court st? O’Keefes???

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Tony shops on Montague? I guess Tango might count, but, as far as I know, Mike, unlike Rudy, isn’t into cross-dressing.

  • nabeguy

    Sounds like the shops on Montague were a bit too “tony” for the writer to even set foot on the street. And correct if I’m wrong, but isn’t Eamons a bigger court house draw than O’Keefes, which Ive always thought of as more of a clubhouse for St Francis?

  • Bklyn Native

    Perhaps after Mike’s here for a week, sampling the mediocrity that is the Heights restaurant scene, he’ll put us in his next 10 year plan.

  • Heights97

    I’m disappointed they didn’t mention The Busy Chef. The mayor needs to “see, feel, taste, touch and TASTE the difference.”

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist. It seems no BHB thread is complete without some mention of TBC.

  • nabeguy

    Heights97, good one. With all the talk about that place, it probably should be called THE BUZZY CHEF.

  • Oring

    We should all agree no more comments about them. There’ll be new strange places to make fun of in those spots soon enough.

  • steve

    The Mayor could grab a sandwich from Cranberry’s and eat it in the beautifully restored Cadman Plaza Park, under the amazing grove of London Plane trees. But it may be too hot the next couple of days, so he may want to try Pete’s on Old Fulton Street (By the way, is Old Fulton Street part of the Heights or DUMBO?)

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    The part where Pete’s is is definitely DUMBO. Once you get east of the BQE overpass, you could say that the Heights extends northward as far as the median strip.

  • No One of Consequence

    According to the historic district signs posted around, the Heights northern border is OFS, which would include the Eagle Warehouse. I would guess that the other side of the double yellow line (Pete’s, Grimaldi’s) is DUMBO.

    Speaking of that bit of no-man’s land… does anyone know what is planned for the razed Nova Clutch plot?

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    The Nova Clutch site has been acquired by Walentas, who plans to build a high rise apartment building, oriented southeast to northwest to minimize impact on the Brooklyn Bridge walkway view plane, extending from Front to Water Streets.

  • nabeguy

    NOOQ, the Nova Clutch spot is a Walentas property that is currently in hot water for their proposed building of a hi-rise condominium. Apparently, they sent out a Trojan Horse communique to some residents in the area promising to allow for a middle school in the space that would accomodate 300 students in return for allowing them to put an additional 20 stories on top of the school at premium rates. What thy failed to mention was the following:
    1. The building would obscure views of the Brooklyn Bridge for many residents to the west-south west of the bridge, including many of Walentas’ own tenants that bought into Main and Washington Street condos.
    2. The offer of a “school” was actually limited to the provision of a space for one and not the actual funding necessary for an finished entity. Presumably, the Walentas Bros. expect the city to pick up that tab.
    Unfortunately, I’m posting from home where, Luddite that I am, I’m on dial-up. But if you’re really curious about this, go to the Brownstoner blog and search for Nova Clutch for a pretty detailed posting on the subject. That’s where I first learned of this deal and, as a parent with a child in PS 8, thought it sounded good until I read the responses to the post.

  • Bklyn Native

    We now live in an era where mega wealthy developers try to influence local public opinion and community boards by printing and bulk mailing thick stock beautiful brochures saying how wonderful their high rises will be for the “community.” I’m sure many have received these from Ratner, but just lately I received one from our boy “gee, I’ve never owned a neighborhood before” Walentas. In the brochure, Two Trees discussed how they would build a wonderful state-of-the-art public school middle school (have their been any examples of private developers building public schools?). If only those negative nay-sayers would let progress happen!

    However, the map that was included didn’t show the footprint of the former Nova Clutch building. It showed the site was going to be built on the land that’s now a self-serve fenced parking lot across the street.

  • ABC


  • Rudeness

    I’ve been wondering where the word from BHB is on the Walentas tower in Dumbo. For such a pressing concern to BH residents (b/c in addition to being a tumor on the side of the Brooklyn Bridge, anyone who has a north facing view of the Manhattan Bridge and Midtown from BH is gonna be screwed), I’m a bit suprised on the lack of a weigh in. But perhaps no word is better than the fellatio that the Brooklyn Eagle editorial staff is performing on the Walentas clan, calling the project “in context” before any plans have been relased and applauding Walentas’ “luck” in acquiring the Nova Clutch property while completely ignoring the Ratner-esque magic show with the “support” mailers to Yassky.

  • Homer Fink

    Rude — our stance on development is “keep it pretty, don’t be stupid.”

    We’ll do something when there’s really something to debate.

  • Rudy