Heights Beach Makes NBC Nightly News


Thanks to nabe super attorney TK Small for the link to a report from tonight's NBC Nightly News featuring the Floating Pool Lady.

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  • beach lady

    Line was long but pool was lovely!

  • Homer Fink

    A cool BHB totebag would be nice on the beach eh?

  • nabeguy

    I went in the morning on Saturday, and everything was great…the line for wristbands wasn’t that long and was only a 15 minute wait, after which we chilled on the beach. Sunday was a completely different story…boy, talk about word of mouth, this was more like an entire dictionary of mouth. Got there a bit after noon, and it was packed. They had inexplicably changed the pool times from the day before and I ended up standing in the blistering sun for 1-1/2 hours, all the time listening to the somewhat condescending tone of the pool barker telling us the rules every 10 minutes. I swear, after having listened to his litany for the 15th time, I almost felt like a lamb being led to slaughter. Can’t they just invest in a large sign with posted rules instead of having to listen to that all day? So, enough of the cons. The pros? Everything else. The pool was great and not over-chlorinated, the changing rooms were clean and the lockers, while small, were plentiful. And the views…simply breathtaking in any direction. A real 360 degree experience and one I’d recommend.

  • beach lady

    People at the pool said it is unpredictable re: wait time. That has definitely been my experience– I waited on sunday for an hour plus; today they had extra tickets and i only waited on line for 5 minutes. The view IS wonderful. The pool and locker rooms ARE clean. It is very comfortable and lovely. Just have the proper attitude when you go– i.e., be prepared to wait and be exposed to confused crowds. Also, for the good of everyone– be understanding– as staff are still trying to work out a system that functions well.