Five Guys is Open!

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is now open at 138 Montague Street. Book an appointment with your cardiologist now, double up on the Crestor and check out their delicious offerings. While Mrs. Fink found the hot dog and burger she tried to be a little too greasy, the belly bomber cheeseburger I had was outstanding compared to a normal diner burger. 

The competitive advantage that FGBF has over other burger chains is that it appears they may have some sort of "screening process" for their employees. The lovely ladies who took my order were helpful and patient and the kitchen crew were working together like a well oiled machine. You can easily imagine anyone working at the Montague Street store operating their own restaurant someday. That alone should encourage you to stop by and support this new business.

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  • curious george

    LOVED my burger, but yes, the grease soaked through the brown paper bag before I even got as far down the street as Key Food … and I still prefer the sweet potato fries at Park Plaza diner to any in the ‘hood, but 5 Guys were decent. I welcome them & wish them luck!

  • Andrew

    I don’t get cooking the burgers to well-done, but the burger was still surprisingly juicy, if overwhelmed by the bun. It’s not up to the Shake Shack standard, but it’s as good as anything else in the ‘hood.

    The fries were excellent, even if the portion was ridiculously large (on a regular size).

    What’s sad is that this is a major upgrade to the food available on Montague St– which says more about the poor state of restaurants on Montague than the quality of the 5Guys burger.

  • Qbertplaya

    i had high expectations for this place, having eaten at them years ago when i lived in virginia. last night, the fries were great, burgers were decent, but not warm. the cheese on our burgers were not melted. the soda machine was a bust. hopefully they’ll figure that all out soon. overall, i hope it sticks around, tho.

  • steve

    How large is the seating area, and is it comfortable? I imagine it is well-ventilated, yes? How about toppings for the burgers and hotdogs . . . relish, onions, etc. ?

  • lifer

    just ate there today, i liked the burger, the fries were decent, seating area small, plenty of toppings, however, the newbie that took my order gave me the wrong change. My change was the price of the fries (she was looking at that instead of the part of the receipt with the correct change)…It wasnt that big a deal, I was long gone by then, but everyone count your change before you leave… i’ll go again…

  • Jenn

    Buon Gusto is mediocre at best. If you want Italian food you’re way better off at Noodle Pudding on Henry Street.

  • jc

    this place is great. i’ve long been a patron when i travel to dc. it’s not meant to be a “gourmet” burger. i will definitely be making the trek from manhattan to brooklyn for this one! sure beats any other fast food joint!

  • CDC

    Been a Five Guys fan for a while – give the place a week or so to get through the initial shake out and I’m sure it will be great. (And the greasy bag just goes with the territory.)

  • Bklyn Native

    Unfortunately, for good Italian food one must trek to Caroll Gardens. Fragole is highly recommended. So is Frankie’s 457. Loucali at 575 Henry Street might have the best pizza in the city (even better than Di Fara).

    Noodle Pudding is highly overrated, IMHO. It’s just that us North Heights denizens have been beaten down so badly by the mediocre restaurants, then when something that’s not a complete culinary distaster, such as Noodle Pudding is available, we’re grateful. Quite sad.

  • elizabells

    :::But what is one to expect from those who get excited about burger chains on Montague.:::

    Erm, then why did you come seeking opinions on Buon Gusto? I mean, if everyone on this site is such a low-class Philistine?

  • BklynJace

    Went to 5G last night. They were very confused — about a dozen employees, about four customers, and things still took 10 or 15 minutes. But they were also very cheerful, and the burger was extremely tasty. When they get up to speed, even better.

  • Five Guys Fan

    Cant wait until the Five Guys on 55th street between 5th and 6th opens in Manhattan! Any location you visit a few things remain true: The Burgers are always excellent, the fries are superior & the service is always GREAT!

  • Ready To Order? Guide

    We tried the burger, the french fries and the hot dog. No complaints about the food. But can anybody explaint to me why a manager would go around and say to everybody while they waiting for the food to be ready, to eat the roasted peanuts and trough out the shells on THE FLOOR?!?
    Where is exactly the fun of doing that? The floor was full of shells and of course nobody was cleaning that. I’m not saiing that was dirty but somebody there can explain to me what is the sense of that? They should put the sign: ” Please don’t do the same on the street…”

  • lifer

    In bars, they do the peanut thing because they say it helps oil the wood floors, and, well makes you thirsty, why they would do that there?… I have no idea…

  • Peanuts….

    I agree re the peanut shells all over the floor. Worst idea ever. The residue from their oily floors stayed on the soles of my high-heeled sandals for blocks. I slipped twice on the way to the Court Street theatre after my meal.

  • Bklyn Native

    I really wanted to like this place. Before my review, a plea to the Gods: Are Heights residents forever doomed to suffer mediocre restaurants? Perhaps we get what we deserve.

    OK, that was a cry into the wilderness, now my review.

    Went to 5 Guys at around 9pm tonight. There were about 3 patrons in the restaurant and 9 workers behind the counter (and another 3 in the back room. A very friendly and very loud counter person explained how things work and took our order. We ordered 2 burgers and an order of fries. Got the bag, went to the table, and there’s only 1 burger and an order of fries.

    OK, no problem, mistakes happen, especially on opening week. The manager this time took my order, and I got the replacement quickly–problem was the order was still wrong. OK, I’ll deal.

    Here’s the food review: The fries are quite good. Not the best ever, but quite good. The burger was just average. Shake Shake’s burger is MUCH tastier, and In-n-Out Burger on the West Coast blows 5 Guys away.

    The peanut thing is dumb, and makes the place seem dirty. The multiple signs everywhere warning people about peanut allergies, just added to my increasing negative opinion about the place. Someone though free peanuts and encouraging people to throw the shells on the floor would be fun. But a team of corporate lawyers shot back with multiple warning disclaimers. Way to kill the fun. It’s a bad idea anyway. Maybe in a bar that would work.

    My fountain Diet Coke was quite good, FYIW.

    Anyhoo, back to my wail into the cyber void: Why must restaurants in the Heights be disappointing and subpar?

    I spent the walk home trying to figure out how many burgers they need to sell an hour just to cover 12 employees plus a manager on premesis.
    I give the place 2 years max. Will probably be replaced with an eyeglass store.

  • Jo Ann

    I agree – I don’t get it. Esp. the likes of Oven, Busy Chef, ex Food maestro – why go to the trouble and great expense of opening a food establishment if you clearly have no cooking skills? Food around here is just nasty – bad cuts of meat with non-complimentary ingredients, putrid sauces thrown on plates – I guess they think we’re from a borough so we’re supposed to ooh and ahh like we’ve never eaten in a restaurant before. It’s pretty insulting when you think about it.

  • Michael

    It’s sad too see how horribly people are treated in Brooklyn Heights. I’ll remember never to move there.

  • Capulets

    Michael — who said we wanted you here?

  • annulla

    With their hordes of enthusiastic employees, 5 Guys is off to a good start. The command to throw peanut shells on the floor is disconcerting, though. And the fact that they don’t deliver may be a handicap. Historically, places in the Heights that don’t deliver food have tended not to do so well.


    Five Guys Burgers are a perfect choice even if you do not eat meat at all. Most of the Fast food Restaurant do not serve the vegetable burger, BUT THEY DO. Their vegetable burger and grilled cheese burgers are FANTABULOUS. And the fries are great and what more, you can eat Peanuts, while your order is getting ready. Staff is really helpful and friendly. IT IS A PERFECT BUSINESS FOR A PERFECT LOCATION. My best wishes to the owner and all staff. WAY TO GO. GOOD LUCK.

  • Mitch C.

    I just tried the place out. First off, they must have about 9 people behind the counter. It seemed like they were all training because the girl on the grill was the only one working and instructing the rest of the crew. There was an Asian guy who stood staring at 4 burgers for 2 minutes and 43 seconds (I timed him) without touching them. Mine was one of them and all it needed was BBQ sauce and to be wrapped up. OK, I understand they just opened so I will let this go. As far as the taste, the burger was OK (all burgers are cooked well), nothing to write home about. The fries were very good. I think that Henry Street Ale House has a better tasting burger (you can get it cooked the way you want it also), and their fries are almost as good but not as crispy as Five Guys. I will try them again. They seem like a clean operation.

  • Trey

    It feels great to hear all of the wonderful comments about the Brooklyn Five Guys. Only in a perfect world will everyone like Five Guys. As far as the peanut shells go, the family who started the business wanted to keep a friendly and fun atmosphere. Therefore, “feel free to throw your shells on the floor, NO WORRIES!” I have noticed in the past that the “not so fun people” tend to shy away from the peanut idea. Again, only in a perfect world would this make sense to everyone. For those of you took notice to the cleanliness, service, enthusiasm and energy of the staff, to you I say KUDOS. Quality and Service is what we strive for, and after 185 stores it seems our comittment to these standards are standing strong. Thanks again for the warm welcome to the neighborhood. I look forward to returning for the Bay Ridge and Park Slope openings.


    Trey, Five Guys Corporate Trainer

  • Justine

    Amazing burgers. Juicy, fresh and LOVE the well done bacon. These are the burgers you CRAVE. Fries are unforgetable as well with great taste, a perfect texture, slight crunch, perfect!

    5 Guys – you have a fan in me!

  • Trey

    Five Guys in Brooklyn has been doing well since day one. I think the concept was a match made in heaven for the BK Heights location. There is always a love/hate relationship in business and life. I’m happy to see there is so much love coming from Brooklyn. That love is what makes us successful!

    Thank You Brooklyn!