Korres Koming Kovered

Korres is coming to Montague Street and the Post discusses it today: 

New York Post: New Greed Beauty Shops Invading…: Greece, the country that gave us democracy and philosophy, is facing its biggest export challenge yet: convincing New Yorkers to slather themselves in yogurt body butter and olive oil hair conditioner.
The Greek spin on one of the beauty industry's hottest trends – "natural" ingredients – comes in the form of fast-growing Korres Natural Products.
The Athens-based company, which was founded in 1996 by pharmacist Yiorgos Korres, is launching its first American stores here in New York. One will set up shop in SoHo at 110 Wooster St. in August, and a second can be found on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights that is slated for a September opening.


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  • nabeguy

    First MAC, then Ricky’s, now Korres. Do I spot a trend?

  • Sandy

    What is a “Greed Beauty Shop?” Do you have to buy everything in the store?

  • Leslie

    Might Montague actually become a street to shop on?

  • Bob Dobolina

    Me3 — Ricky’s and Korres are quality. Rite aid is crap. Duane can’t even get a prescription right.

  • matilda

    Hate to be the only positive comment here, but I’m psyched about this place. I’d rather spend $20 for face cream there than Rite Aid (which I hate btw and is taking over Eckerd). Plus, it will be great for gifts.