New Neighbor: Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Qfwfq snapped this "coming soon" photo at 138 Montague Street. A new establishment called Five Guys Burgers and Fries will be opening there soon.

As "Alan" points out in the comments below, FGBF is a well reviewed national chain. 

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  • Alan

    5 guys is good. It’s a dc area chain that’s been rapidly expanding recently. Some of the newer franchises are hit and miss, but even when not great, it’s still pretty good. Should be a good option for burgers. When good, their burgers are at least as good as shake shack…

  • Pete

    When I was in Atlanta, my wife’s friend took us to a 5 Brothers and I was a bit bitter that I was going to be eating at some chain I had never heard of.

    Much to my surprise, the burgers were pretty damn good.

  • M. Hermann

    Sounds good, but I’m doubtful they’ll be able to beat Grand Canyon in taste or Happy Days in 3 a.m. accessibility.

  • Peter

    5 guys is a revered burger and twice-fried fries place in DC. They’ve expanded rapidly lately so I’m a bit worried about quality, but from what I recall they have Shake Shack quality burgers and fries that are unparalleled.

  • anonymous

    We got a 5 guys where I went to college the year before I was finished.
    They have good burgers and fries. I imagine them doing better in a union
    square location. They seemed to me to be geared more towards a college kid
    type clientele. Either way they are good and it’ll be interesting to see if they last.

  • Tai

    I used to have one of these down the street from me when I lived in DC, they are pretty good burgers as someone above said they are Shake Shack quality burgers great oversize portions of fries. The one I went to was in a bar so they had beers on tap, but I know most of them don’t have that. It’s the kind of fast food chain you can actually look forward to eating.

  • Trey

    All of the wonderful comments I am reading about Five Guys leaves a huge smile on my face. I am a NY native that grew up in Park Slope and Prospect Heights, and graduated from John Jay High School. I will be at the Montague St. store in June for the grand opening. I live in VA now and I am a Corporate Trainer for Five Guys. Be on the look-out for Five Guys in Manhattan, and Park Slope very soon. Make sure you ask for me when you visit the store and thanks a million for all the support and praises.

    Trey Williamson
    Five Guys Corporate Trainer

  • Nitin

    Every thing I am hearing about five guys that’s amazing its exactally the way i expected.I am going to be the manager at montague street and will be running the entire operation with my best efficiency.Actully last week our crew was in woodbridge, virginia and believe me my lunch and dinner was only – only five guys burger And their fries are absolutely mouth watering.So see me at grand oponing.

    Nitin Yadav (Manager)
    Five guys Burger Montague street

  • aaron

    I live in Frederick, MD. There’s a 5 Guys on the northside of town. Your burgers and fries are pretty darned good! The best I’ve had in long while. I work in downtown, Frederick, and, happily, I see you are opening an outlet along Carroll Creek. When is that store slated to open?

  • p.dubs

    Five Guys is incredible. It blows Burger Joint out of the water, and even surpasses Shake Shack. Does anyone know exactly when it’s opening up? My friends back home call me at least 3 times a week to rub it in my face and make me jealous that they’re going to five guys. even the fries are awesome.

  • Mitch C.

    I just tried the place out. First off, they must have about 9 people behind the counter. It seemed like they were all training because the girl on the grill was the only one working and instructing the rest of the crew. There was an Asian guy who stood staring at 4 burgers for 2 minutes and 43 seconds (I timed him) without touching them. Mine was one of them and all it needed was BBQ sauce and to be wrapped up. OK, I understand they just opened so I will let this go. As far as the taste, the burger was OK (all burgers are cooked well), nothing to write home about. The fries were very good. I think that Henry Street Ale House has a better tasting burger (you can get it cooked the way you want it also), and their fries are almost as good but not as crispy as Five Guys. I will try them again. They seem like a clean operation.

  • Eli

    For me my expectations are so low of Montague St (as well as my cringing over what bank, real estate office is popping up next) I am somewhat excited about a place like this opening up. If it must be a chain, thankfully it is a lesser known one. Speaking of lesser offending chains, I still miss Cosi’s!

  • mike bowytz

    5 guys does not compare to Foster’s Grille. I just got back from one in Cape Coral, Florida and that was the best burger I’ve ever had.