Oven – Not So Hot?

The much anticipated Oven at 60 Henry Street has been open for business since mid-week. People posting on restaurant website Chowhound are giving it mixed reviews:

"Peter" posted:

Walked by Oven last night and it was open and relatively full. (I skipped it and went to Petite Marche where we each had a solid Steak Frite)

Anyone been?

P.S. It's kind of odd. They have those wooden venetian blinds down — but rotated so you could see in — but it still blocked a lot of the view inside. We both got all the way past without even noticing it was open until one of us saw it out of the corner of our eye and doubled-back. They might want to do something about that.

"fishermb" adds: I walked by there around 9:30 last night and there were only people at 2 tables, it was dead. Might try it tonight, or will get around to it some time over the weekend.

Have you been? Planning?

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  • Capulets

    Not Clueless – if you don’t live here, why do we even care a little about what you think. Go back to the midwest or wherever you’re from.

  • Pozzy Bear

    I had a great experience at Oven. Wonder if anyone else has too.

  • http:/// just happened to hear

    i saw this blog and just thought i would say that i knew someone who used to work there and quit because it was so unprofessional, so i know just a little about how things run.
    i dont know how current this is, but i heard that the owner runs his staff like a nazi. and that they dont even own a cash register….they have an envelope full of money. for credit cards, they wait staff has to run two doors down to busy chef and use their credit card machine. the ovens they have are just regular pizza ovens….no fancy shmansy brick oven pizza ovens (which is not what they claim to have, but they certainly try to create their atmoshpere with that sort of feel). whats the point? they use the same stuff as a regualr pizza place, same equipment, same ingredients and its probably just as fattening. save your money. they are ridiculously over staffed, and the staff does not get paid on time, since the way things are run are so unprofessional.
    its just what i heard.

  • get your facts right

    just happen to hear – you have no clue what you are talking about! chris may like things done right but he does not treat anyone unkindly! your friend was probally just a lazy, bad server!
    And they do not have the same toppings as any pizza place!
    since when can you get duck or kobe beef or even exotic mushrooms at any pizza place
    as far as their food being fattening- maybe you would not have to worry about weight if you went for a walk instead of sitting around writting things that are not true!