Branch Down on Hicks Street in Brooklyn Heights


BHB tipster “Jason” sent in this photo of FDNY cleaning up a downed tree branch (“half a tree” he says) at Hicks and Cranberry around 10pm last night.

Update: The scene this morning shows many tree branches down, but neatly stacked for Sanitation Department removal.


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  • David

    I saw a few twigs on Montague St the other night too!

  • mike

    Not particularly related, but that same block has been hit twice in the past week with a grafitti vandal named “Buber” or “Buder.” It appears that this vandal was first content defacing the window of Jack The Horse Tavern, but has now moved onto the wood.

    I saw three teenagers skateboarding around the area at about 11 o’clock. While I don’t want to accuse them of anything just because they were skateboarding, the corner of Hicks and Cranberry doesn’t seem like the number one location to be trying out new tricks.

    Has anyone else seen anything?

  • nabeguy

    It’s also on Henry Street. Bored (or is it board?) teenagers strike again.

  • AEB

    Yes, a graffiti maelstrom (well…): over the weekend, tags on the storefront panes of the ex-Blue Pig location, the store adjacent, and the apartment-house door in which lives Le Petit Marche. All of these scrawlings were, thankfully, removed.

    This AM, however, I noticed that the mail drop-box near the SW corner of Hicks and Middagh was also defaced. I called 311 and lodged a “maintenance complaint” with the USPO–even got a case number for my trouble. And, within the hour, someone actually called me to confirm the complaint!

    The thing about graffiti in the nabe is, it drives me nuts. Why so, I ask myself?

    Putting aside my need for no-change-of-any-kind-ever-thank-you, with its concomitant demand for absolute control always, there’s something about graffiti that I find a real affront.

    And I fantasize about retribution in ways I don’t when, say, I come across strewn garbage (which of course is less permanent, or potentially so).

    For details…well….

  • Andrew Porter

    Hobnailed boots on teenage hands come to mind…

  • AEB

    I fantasize an updated version of tar-and-feathering, minus feathers and involving the very paint used to deface…..

  • Mickey

    AEB: what makes graffiti more abhorrent to me is that it is personal. Strewn garbage can happen accidentally but it takes a person with no regard for me or my property to tag something with their “message”.