NY Observer on Doug Biviano

Marc Hermann/BHB

Marc Hermann/BHB

He may have lost the Democratic primary in 33rd NYC Council District, but Doug Biviano’s campaign is still getting attention.  The New York Observer weighs in on the Brooklyn Heights resident’s outsider campaign this week where Biviano draws praise from an unlikely source:

New York Observer:  “I would say that Doug ran a very energetic campaign,” said Steve Levin, who on Sept. 15 was elected to replace David Yassky as the councilman for District 33, which includes Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Brooklyn Heights and Boerum Hill.

“He brought a lot of passion, and when he entered the race, he helped shape the debate,” said Mr. Levin. In particular, he said Biv made other candidates address the issue of health care, and what can be done at the local level. In the final stretch, Biv rolled up his sleeves and turned his fight-the-power fist into a pointed you-dirty-bastard forefinger: He accused Mr. Levin of being a nursemaid to his “notorious” boss Assemblyman and Brooklyn Democratic Party overlord, Vito Lopez.

While Biviano is currently dealing with finding his next career opportunity, his name has popped up as a potential opponent for  Assembly Member Joan Millman in next year’s election  along with Brooklyn Bridge Park Defense Fund president Judi Francis.

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  • http://instaputz.blogspot.com ts

    (He’s also a bit of a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, but whatever.)

    Yikes. Looks like we dodged a bullet!

  • ABC

    first of all, the building forced him out bcs the health plan was too expensive? I find this odd. Our building’s super has a large family and health plan, and I’m quite sure if we forced him out bcs of this, the union would be on us so fast our heads would spin.

    second of all, where are the 7 ice cream parlors in the 3 block radius around Biv’s office.

  • carol

    If I were Steve Levin I’d be praising Biviano. He was one of the self-styled reformers who helped to elect Levin.

  • anon

    Judi would be a great candidate. She is one tough cookie and would give our Joan a run for her money. Or maybe Joan will just retire and let the others fight it out

  • nabeguy

    Apparently, the Haagen Daz is so good, they counted it 7 times.

  • http://deleted Judi Francis

    Thanks for the nod but I am not running for the NY State Assembly seat.
    Oh, and the Haagen Daz store on Montague was the first one created by the ice cream company’s founders.

  • The Where

    But Judi we can dream!

  • sue

    Several people are talking Judi up for a run against Joan. They include Bob Stone of Willowtown (VP of the Defense Fund) her husband Roy Slone President of the Cobble Hill Association and many of her old neighbors of Willowtown. She will make a serious challange to Joan . Watch her change her mind as the campaign develops.

  • heights mom

    Judi is a friend of mine. She is not running!! She is volunteering her time just trying to get a real park with year-round recreation for Brooklyn.

  • http://bivforbrooklyn.com Doug Biviano

    Baseball fields, not berms and luxury condos!

  • nicky215

    I guess you are running for the assembly seat Doug.

  • judy and eddie

    iT is a YES for Judi Francis of the defense fund on the run for the assembly. Robert P. Stone of willow town will be the treasurer and Roy Salon of cobble hill ( her husband) will be the campaign manger.