Yassky Slapskys Liu in New TV Spotsky

Our man in the NYC Council /Democratic candidate for comptroller / Brooklyn Heights resident David Yassky comes out swinging against his run-off opponent John Liu in a new TV ad.  Amid concerns that the ethnic vote will be crucial in Tuesday’s election,  the Yassky team attempts to point out some alleged inconsistencies in Liu’s rhetoric.

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  • Henry

    “David Yassky. For his work on gun control, housing, and integrity.” Spare us.

    Gun control: Not sure how much influence a council member has on gun control (weren’t gun control laws initiated in the Koch era?) but I do know that Ivan the Terrible was collecting guns and other weaponry right in Yassky’s backyard and wouldn’t have been caught if not for his own malfunction (shooting himself). It’s a bit ridiculous to blame Yassky for Ivan, but it’s equally ridiculous for Yassky to make any claim that he has had any influence on the issue of gun control. Ever. Not to mention, what does gun control have to do with accounting?

    Housing: “Housing” is Yassky’s attempt to claim he did something for the poor. Which he didn’t. His daddy is/was a real estate developer and Yassky has been in bed with every millionaire developer in Brooklyn since the beginning. (I don’t care what he has said publicly, behind closed doors, Yassky supported Dock St.) Just remember, his predecessor, Ken Fisher became a real estate lobbyist (for Two Trees) after he left office, amply demonstrating who these characters truly are. Yassky is interchangeable with Fisher and Chris Quinn.

    Integrity. Like a snake. Just look at the ad. Yassky is panicking.

    Bottom line: Yassky is a run-of-the-mill lawyer (read: a duplicitous weasel) and has not one shred of experience to oversee the city’s finances.

    Although. come to think of it, his wife does but then she isn’t running for public office . . . or is she?


  • nicky215

    I could not have said it better myself… consider the supersized Brooklyn Law School Dorm he delivered to his handlers and his support for 1000 units of luxery housing in a public park.. this guy is a total phony.. and he thought he could replace shirley chisolm

  • Mr. Burbolo

    Homer, Can you lose the wordsky playsky on David Yassky’s name? How juvenile can you get?

  • The Where

    Mr. Burbolo you are a putzsky.

  • T.K. Small

    I do not mind the wordsky, playsky. But, the advertisement for Yassky which I noticed on the BHB website today is objectionable. Please take down the adsky.

  • x

    Yassky sucksky

  • Phil

    Regarding Liu and Yassky…there is a lot of evidence that Liu’s campaign is being funded/influenced by organizations that work on behalf of the Chinese Government: please see these links:


    I was in Flushing Queens in May of 2008. The Chinese Consulate had organized mob violence against Falun Gong practitioners. The police had to send in officers from all over NYC for weeks. Liu laughed at the Falun Gong practitioners who went to his office for help. (Flushing is in his district.) However, he gave the attackers a hero’s welcome. Another NYC councilman, Tony Avella, stepped in to help the practitioners.