84th Precinct Police Blotter – 9/9/09

bugleblotter-300x1711 A pair of movie theater robberies and an attack on the Manhattan Bridge top this week’s police blotter.

Crooks broke into the Brooklyn Heights Cinema, stealing $100 from the cash register early the morning of September 4.The owner reported that someone had broken through a glass window and the door of the Henry Street venue, and left a screwdriver near the empty cash register.

In a different type of theater robbery, a perp swiped the Sidekick cell phone from a 16-year-old girl’s fanny pack at the United Artists movie theater on Court Street near State Street on August 31.

Two teenagers were arrested after attacking a man for his iPhone on the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge on September 1. The 14 and 18-year-olds allegedly pushed the man against the fence on the bridge and punched him several times, leaving the victim with a bloody nose that had to be treated at a nearby hospital.

A thief attacked a woman on Chapel Street near Jay Street on the morning of September 4. The robber grabbed the neck and arm of the 29-year-old woman and took off with her keys and wallet.

A woman’s handbag containing $400 was stolen from a salon on Atlantic Avenue between Hoyt and Smith streets on September 6. The perp entered the store and removed the purse, which also contained credit cards, from the counter and fled on foot.

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  • bridge runner & biker

    Out of curiosity, does anyone happen to know approximately what time of day that Manhattan Bridge assault happened? And whether it was on the north (bicycle) or south (pedestrian) side? I’m guessing it was the south side, as there was no mention of a bicycle.

    I often avoid taking the bridge at night because of how empty it can be, and I’m curious to know if this was a daytime attack.

  • The Where

    Brooklyn Heights needs a wall around it to protect herself from the animals within a stone’s throw.

  • nabeguy

    Thanks TW, I can always count on you to be throwing stones.