Headmaster Ritual: Weiss Leaving Saint Ann’s at End of School Year

In a St. Ann’s School e-mail to parents obtained by BHB,  Board of Trustee’s member Peter Darrow announces that Dr. Larry Weiss will be leaving as Head of School after the 2009-2010 school year.

In the Spring of 2004 upon the retirement of Stanley Bosworth,  the Founding Head of Saint Ann’s School, we hired Dr. Larry Weiss for  a period of five years to undertake the task of preserving Stanley’s  core vision of the school while accommodating the changes posed by a  new time and era. Larry understood and embraced both of these  challenges, and Saint Ann’s is more secure today for his leadership in  meeting them. Our faculty is as vibrant, talented, and committed as  ever, and the pool of applicants eager to become Saint Ann’s students  has never been stronger. Our graduates continue to be welcomed at the  nation’s most competitive colleges and universities.

The Board of Trustees is thus pleased to announce that Larry has  agreed to extend his commitment to Saint Ann’s for the 2009-2010 year.  Larry will continue to lead us as Head of School and further  consolidate and advance his successful accomplishments.  At the  conclusion of this academic year, Larry will leave Saint Ann’s to  pursue leadership challenges elsewhere. He will depart with our deep  affection, respect, and gratitude.

The Board of Trustees has begun to prepare a search for our next  Head of School, and we will advise you soon of our plan. Our Search  Committee will be co-chaired by parent trustees Mary Watson and Laura  Walker. The selection of a new leader is a watershed event and we look  forward to working with you as our search proceeds.

– Peter Darrow, for the Board of Trustees

Over the years, I have been most fortunate to be able to teach  several thousand students at four different schools and three  colleges and universities. As an administrator, I have also been  honored to work with a similarly large number of faculty and staff  members.

The students, faculty and staff of Saint Ann’s School stand out  among the others with whom I have worked as a consequence of their  intelligence, creativity, spontaneity, artistic vision, and  integrity.

The past five years have provided so many meaningful  opportunities to work with outstanding people in our joint efforts to  strengthen the foundations of Saint Ann’s unique educational ideas and  practices and to make sure that each individual student was able to  benefit from the school’s program to the greatest possible extent.  My experience at Saint Ann’s has been a daily source of learning and  growth that has expanded my knowledge and will shape my future  endeavors. It remains my deepest pleasure and honor to spend the next year working with our administrative staff,  teachers, students to make 2009-2010 an excellent year for Saint Ann’s School.
– Larry Weiss

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  • velvetflip

    Was your title a nod to The Smiths, or just a coincidence?

  • promenade

    so is he wanting to go, or being asked to go?

  • Homer Fink

    Velvetflip, it’s really nothing. The Smiths are always appropriate headline fodder.

  • sue

    Meanwhile Gail was forced out because of Larry.
    Bring Back Gail!!!

  • bklynborn

    Peter Darrow is a power-hungry monster—no consideration for faculty or parents. Larry has done amazing things for Saint Ann’s. Gail got what was coming to her.

  • nick

    Wonder who the next head will be? Someone from inside or an outside person?