Heights History: The End of Montague Street… Way Back When…

Montague Street... back when

This Brooklyn Public library photo shows a pre-BQE promenade at the end of Montague Street.  The arched viaduct (far right), greenhouse and buttressed wall were accessible via the stairway that also led to a ferry landing below.  Everything was demolished in 1946 to build the promenade and the BQE.

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  • No One of Consequence

    Can someone give a description of what’s in the above photo?
    Obviously pre-BQE. Are those stairs coming down from Montague?

  • promenade

    So interesting – it is too bad that back in 46′ they didn’t want to try and incorporate this somehow…

  • No One of Consequence

    um.. in my defense, I made that post when this photo was for the OTW.
    Homer, maybe delete my posts? I don’t need any help looking foolish. :)

  • Homer Fink

    NooC, we revised this post with more info after your comment.

  • DAB

    I suppose they didn’t just run the BQE along Furman because at the time it was built it was still a working waterfront? I suppose it’s good that the BHA kept Moses from destroying the heights and got the promenade out of the deal, but it’s stll quite a loss.

  • Andrew Porter

    I have a Civics book from the 1930s that shows a proposed version of Brooklyn Heights, with all the low buildings bulldozed to make way for those high rise buildings-in-parks that Moses so loved. Why should people live in cramped dirty old houses when high rise buildings are the Wave of The Future?!

    (guy who wishes he lived in a cramped old building)

  • davoyager

    The neighborhood would certainly be different had Moses had his “modern” way. Undistinguished and unimpressive.

    owner and resident of cramped dirty old house