Open Thread Wednesday 9/9/09

Flickr photo by bbgoutty

Flickr photo by bbgoutty

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  • XYZ

    Does anyone know what the newly built highrise across the river south of the Brooklyn Bridge is? How many floors? Kind of thought they were going to stop when they reached the middle of the current height. Its doing a good job blocking the view onto the Woolworth building.

    Reminds me of whats gonna happen with Dock Street on our side of the river.

  • Claude Scales

    XYZ: see here.

  • alex

    Apparently there’s a fire right now at 10 Columbia Place. Anyone know anything?

  • epc

    XYZ: The Beekman Tower will eventually be 75 stories, 850 feet.
    It’s not quite the same as the Dock Street fiasco. Dock Street will be between the Brooklyn anchorage and Tower. The Beekman Tower is approximately 1300 feet from the Manhattan anchorage, or approximately where the Watchtower Buildings at Prospect & Pearl are in Brooklyn.

  • my2cents

    funny thing is that the Beekman tower is sooo similar to “Miss Brooklyn” that Gehry and Ratner were planning to build at Atlantic Yards. The resemblance is striking. it is as if they said “well if we can’t build it in brooklyn, we’ll plop it in manhattan. The facade is interesting up close, but I think the jury is still out on whether it is going to be a quality building in the end.

  • XYZ

    I was walking down York Street towards Front street early this morning, imagining the Dock Street Building there. You won’t see the bridge anymore from that location as well once Dock Street is up. Right now you can see both towers. I know I am beating a dead horse, but I am still wondering how people could say the building will integrate well into the neighborhood.

  • jay

    does anyone know of any voter guides for next week’s democratic primary?

    i’m feeling embarrassingly under informed about many of the candidates.

  • Berkeley Grosvenor

    Any new rumors swirling about for the old Su Su’s Yum Yum / “Busted Chef” troika of vacant retail on Henry and Cranberry? Oh, if only Melissa Murphy could strike a reasonable deal for the space…

  • Berkeley Grosvenor

    @ Jay, the Brooklyn Paper’s got a useful roundup:

  • Pierrepont

    Walking back from Cranberry’s this morning, blueberry muffin in hand, I noticed an odd sight on the east side of Willow St., between Cranberry and Pinapple: A late-model Infiniti missing both of its right wheels! Shiny lugnuts were scattered in the street.

    Is this what things have come to in the Heights? Pistol-whippings and auto stripping?! What next, Guardian Angels?

  • weegee

    10 Columbia was a clogged incinerator…nothing about which to write home.

  • GHB

    Anybody else refuse to shake politicians’ hands when they greet you at the subway? I mean, how many hands have you already shaken before me this morning?

  • DAB

    GHB — try bowing Japanese style.

  • Claude Scales

    Fist jabs?

  • GHB

    I may try those! I’m not really germophobic, but still…

  • Unentitled

    Do politicians really find this technique effective? Most people getting on the train at 8am have jobs to rush to. Can you really sum up why I should vote for you in the 3 seconds it takes to pass you by? Do you really think it’s sufficient to stick a flyer in my face which tells me how great you are? Yes, you do things for the community and you love puppies and there’s a nice pic of your wife and kids. So what? I’m about as receptive to this as Jehovah Witnesses and Jews for Jesus.

  • AEB

    But the point, Unentitled, is no matter what a pol may say, or her/his flyer may proclaim, the fact of your having met said person in its living, breathing 98.6 degree iteration will tip choice in their direction.

    It’s one of those psychological verities, like responding positively to positive reinforcement.

  • melanie hope greenberg

    I’ll giving an author-illustrator book reading, signing and crafts program at The Moxie Spot at 81 Atlantic Avenue this Sunday Sept 13 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. We will be crafting vehicles ala my featured picture book “Good Morning, Digger” which will be on sale as well as “A City Is”. For more details contact me at my website!

    Hope to see you there!

  • x

    What happened on Sunday evening near the intersection between Hicks and Montague with so many fire trucks and ambulance (blocking the intersection)?

    Just curious

  • melanie hope greenberg

    My picture book,”Mermaids on Parade”, was selected as a Bank Street College 2009 Best Books of the Year! Thanks Brooklyn Heights Blog for giving my book so much support!

  • cat

    At least 2x/wk. an 18-wheeler gets stuck trying to make a right turn onto Clinton St. from Schermerhorn. This blocks both Schermerhorn and Clinton Sts. for at least 1/2 hr. while the truck tries every which way to make the turn, and then finally the cars have to back up Schermerhorn so that the 18-wheeler can then back up Schermerhorn. Why doesn’t the DOT close this street to 18-wheelers? How hard is it to drive down Court to Atlantic Ave. and come up Clinton from there?! Okay, rant over.

  • promenade

    Cat – we experience the same problem – although it is from trucks turning onto Pierrepont Street from Willow

  • bornhere

    Promenade — I am surprised to learn that there is a truck problem on Willow Street. Where are they coming from/going?
    I have asked BHA and DOT to try to help minimize the horrible truck traffic on Henry, but other than the posting of a sign at the start of Henry, which has had zero effect, nothing has been done. I don’t understand why the more interior Heights streets are not truck free, with commercial vehicles REALLY restricted to Court Street (except for local deliveries, which I bet are nonexistent or minimal at 3 AM on Henry [south of Montague] or Willow). Really — there oughtta be a law :)

  • Claude Scales

    Some months ago I was up during the wee hours when I heard diesel and air brake noises from outside. I looked down and saw an eighteen wheeler that had turned off Montague onto Pierrepont Place, where the driver had stopped and dismounted. He was standing in the street, looking puzzled. I went down and asked if I could help. In an accent that proclaimed his origin somewhere below the Smith & Wesson Line, he said his destination was somewhere in the Navy Yard, but that his GPS navigational device had sent him down Montague. I gave him directions back to the northbound BQE and wished him luck.

  • Monty

    There was a lot of activity at the retail space on Montague next to Ricky’s (former bookstore) this morning. Anyone know what is going on in there?

  • x

    i heard that Ricky’s is moving in there for the next two months, for Halloween season?

  • No One of Consequence

    Am told Smokey Robinson concert in Cadman tomorrow.