Take My Bike, Please

Only Living Girl photo

Only Living Girl photo

Nabe blogger Only Living Girl in New York caught this scene on Columbia Heights today. The owner of the bike has offered the rest of it to the thugs who have already stolen its two tires. The note’s ending my elevate “God Bless You” to the same ironic level as “Trust Me”.

Update, 9/5/09: Only Living Girl notices the thief may have taken the owner up on their offer.

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  • BIKE11201

    I lost my wheels twice on Henry and Joralemon after leaving my bike out overnight. Gotta lock both wheels up along with the frame and take the seat inside. I’ve seen other bikes freed of their wheels in the area too. The Heights at night is not the safest place for bikes.

  • lifer
  • Teddy

    In this city, if you really want to keep something or at least make sure if doesn’t get damaged, you keep it inside…in your home, in a parking garage, etc.

  • AEB

    Poignant. Pointed.

  • Teddy

    I forgot to mention that a woman in my building had her bike stolen a few months ago (here on State Street). She admitted she didn’t lock it up as well as she could have.

  • Andrew

    If your bike has quick release wheels (which most bikes made in the last, oh, 20 years, are likely to have), you need to lock your frame and both wheels to whichever immovable object you are fixing your bike to. And take your seat with you.

  • GHB

    This army fatigue bike hangs out with a light blue bike. Did it also have its tires stolen? I’ll have to look later…

  • lifer

    this guy is funny and smart, he grades different locking styles


  • Aaron

    Put Kryptonite bolts on your wheels and have Hal at Bicycle Habitat, above, put a bike chain around your seat. These methods aren’t fool-proof but they are usually enough to get the neighborhood crackhead to move on to the next bike with simpler components to steal.

  • Stephanie Weil

    If you have a bike with “quick release” wheels, why not take the wheels with you after you chain up the bike?

    I had a bike in college – and everytime I would chain it up, I’d detach the front wheel and take it with me.

  • kris

    is it just me or is it completely effed up that you would have to take your wheels AND your seat with you when you lock up your bike on the street? my husband and i have both had our bikes stolen within the last 2 months, and recently his seat was stolen from his father’s borrowed bike (sine his last one was stolen). it’s a shame that the “greatest city in the world” can be more….well, great.

  • David on Middagh

    “New York bicyclists… subsidizing restaurant delivery services since 1878.”

    Let’s give ourselves a hand!