Sell Your Home! On the Internet!!

We have a hunch that this "internet" thing is starting to catch on. As a matter of fact, some folks in Brooklyn Heights are using something called "YouTube" to show off their homes. Ah! The immediacy of 21st Century technology and good old fashioned commerce. But something tells us that awesome wipes and cool jazz music is not enough to sell real estate in this town. Take for example this video above posted last week pitching 75 Henry Street #18D.

The user, "ReelProperties", who posted that video also posted this one and apt 22L in the same building:

What do you think of this approach?


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  • Noone of Consequence

    I like it.
    In the first one, what a mess! Clean up your apartment before showing it, slob.

  • alex k

    wow, that apartment looks familiar, i live in the same building, same D line of apartments (but a few floors higher).. definitely not clean, i was suprised you didn’t think to clean up.. heck i should do this too (since my place usually is way cleaner than that, but maybe not spotless).. but it’s fascinating to see how other people decorate an identically shaped apartment as mine.. also this is the pre-renovated version (the original kitchen-cabinets&appliances/bathrooms, i wonder how much they want for it (ideas, ideas)..

  • punko

    wow talk about a disastrous marketing strategy! the place is a total dump. what idiot would think that makes a convincing sales pitch? clean the place, slob!