NY Timesky Backskies Yassky

BHB Photo by Marc Hermann

BHB Photo by Marc Hermann

Our man in the NYC Council/Brooklyn Heights resident David Yassky has earned the backing of the NY Times in his bid for NYC Comptroller.  In an editorial published today, the paper says, “Mr. Yassky makes the best case for making better use of the powerful tools handed a city comptroller. He promises to use the audit powers — including new ones overseeing the city’s education contracts — to increase productivity and efficiency.”

Yassky commented this morning via Twitter: “I am EXTRAORDINARILY PROUD to have the endorsement of the NY Times in this election Thank you to all for support. We can do it!”

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  • Yassky Can’t be Trusted

    In his years as Councilman, Yassky has done NOTHING for the city except get his name on the garbage cans and spew meaningless rhetoric. He continues to cite his work with Schumer and the Brady Bill though he was little more than an intern for Schumer when they worked together nearly 15 years ago. He cites this, because he has NO accomplishments of his own to tout.
    At a fundraiser of his that I attended, he saw all the new parents in the room and stated that one of his priorities was to get taxi cabs to require child seats… A meaningless pander – that of course, never got passed. His next stunt was to fight for bikers rights by requiring private buildings to provide bike racks – oh please… And by the way, I believe that it too, didn’t pass. He claims to fight against ‘greedy’ developers, yet they are among his biggest contributors.
    I stumbled upon this interesting post recently – i think it sums it up well. http://www.r8ny.com/blog/mole333/david_yasskys_ad_complete_bullshit.html

  • John

    Revenge of the Nerds !

  • The Where

    YCBT – I suggest you speak to your street pharmacist about the quality or lack thereof of the crack he’s been selling you.

    Yassky’s bike initiative was SIGNED by the Mayor recently. There’s a photo here: http://brooklynheightsblog.com/archives/12336

    Perhaps you also believe the holocaust and the moon landings are urban fables. Go back to that rinky dink tin foil hat wearing site r8ny and don’t come back.

  • Liza

    As a Brooklyn resident and a biker, I’d like to disagree strongly with the first commenter. As “The Where” pointed out, the biking bill has passed, and I can vouch for the fact that bikers across the city are grateful for this legislation, as well as for the efforts Yassky has made to reduce harmful emissions in the city that emanate from cabs and idling cars and buses.

    As far as his time with Schumer is concernced, I’d argue that Yassky did HELP to pass, and often write, meaningful legislation, such as the Federal Hate Crimes Law, the Assault Weapons Ban, the Violence Against Women Act, and many other significant anti-crime statutes that continues to benefit New Yorkers today. I’d understand your argument if all Yassky did was rest on his laurels via his time with Schumer, but he’s pushed significant safety legislation through the City Council, such as the Gun Industry Responsibility Act and the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act, on his own, and deserves to be commended for these successes.

    I think that you ought to learn more before you start spreading disinformation and using as your only source an informant who clearly has a personal bias. There’s a lot more news out there. Go read it.

  • the banned

    getting a political endorsement from the NY Times is usually the kiss of death.

  • DAB

    I’ll most likely vote for Yassky (he seemed the best prepared and energetic in the comptroller’s debate, even if I’d give Liu an edge on his take on education and term limits). That said, that is one little-used bicep on the Councilman.

  • the banned

    I like Melinda Katz.
    She is very smart and she could probably beat the shit out of yasskey mano a mano.

  • nabeguy

    First The Where and now the banned. Amazing how two people could come to the same limited conclusion that putting “the” in front of their avatar would translate into a sense of authority. The What knock-offs, if you ask me.
    Someday this war is going to end…………………..

  • Liza

    Gambia is actually THE Gambia. It’s one way to make yourself stand out on the international scene, I guess.