Brooklyn Heights Man Saved by Hero Co-Worker

Brooklyn Heights resident Bobby Keller’s life was saved by a fellow road worker on August 13 the New York Daily News reports today. Michael Hudson pushed Keller out of the path of an out of control vehicle driven by a “doped up driver” saving him from shuffling off this mortal coil. Both men suffered injuries – Keller a shattered ankle and Hudson lost part of his left leg – but both are here to tell the tale.

NY Daily News: Keller, 33, says he never would have survived if his pal hadn’t been there to help.

“I was trying to get out of the way when he shoved me from behind,” said Keller, of Brooklyn Heights. “Luckily, we had a guardian angel on our shoulders because we could be dead.”

The two men had been working together since May – Hudson as an equipment operator and Keller as a flagman.

They were repaving Rockaway Blvd. near Kennedy Airport on the night of the crash, chatting about getting together with their girlfriends, when Silvera’s Nissan came hurtling out of nowhere.

Keller’s back was turned so he had less time to get out of the path of the speeding car, which was only stopped by a water tank at the construction site.

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