Brooklyn Heights Couple Continue Rolling Thunder Tour of NYC Media

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My Husband is Annoying’s Tiffanie Wong and Mark Joyella stopped by the CBS Early Show today to discuss their blog.

Last week, the couple were guests on the BHB’s The Homer Fink Show. Listen to the podcast here.

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  • Matt

    This story is tired. Maybe take a vacation, Mr. Fink?

  • The Where

    Matt, I don’t know about you but my head comes with two eyelids which allow me to shield my eyes from things I do not wish to see. If you need operating instructions I’d be glad to oblige.

  • AEB

    Oh, come on, Where! One can hardly disregard a new post as bold as this one–especially given the image and its placement.

    I can understand the wish to draw attention to a story that began here and traveled into the big time, but still…enough of a one-note personality piece is enough.

    At least for me.

  • The Where

    This to me is almost as enjoyable as a wonderful episode of The Smurfs.

  • AEB

    Perhaps this is worthier of our attention now:

  • David

    My Husband is Annoying’s Tiffanie Wong and Mark Joyella were at Siggy’s over the weekend, and didn’t tip their waitress. It’s true, self congratulating organic food doesn’t sway neighborhood celebrities into emptying their wallets!

  • AEB

    Ah, the wages (!) of fame!

  • Tiffanie Wong

    David, I’m assuming that was supposed to be a joke but I still feel the need to say that Mark and I have never been to Siggy’s (though we’ve been meaning to go for a while; I hear it’s quite good).

  • Ilikebrooklyn

    Nice couple. Her hair in her eye was annoying me. Everything else was perfect.

  • David

    My intricate plan to get Tiffanie and Mark to ban Siggy’s has worked!

  • tb

    I have to say that interview was somewhat painful to watch.