The Homer Fink Show – My Husband is Annoying’s Tiffanie Wong and Mark Joyella

Listen to the Homer Fink Show with guests Mark Joyella and Tiffanie Wong of My Husband is Annoying. Listen to the show after the jump or download the MP3 here.

In other MHIA news, a Dutch website has picked up on the site.  Here’s a Google Translate version of the page.

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  • AEB


  • David

    I’d like to share a bottle of tequila with this couple.

  • sticky

    Wow, this website is now just a promotional tool for contributers. This is no longer about the Heights and getting boring. Thanks for ther enlightening insight or your “exciting” life with your newlywed. (Hopefully I will not get emailed by Joyella again complaining about my comment-did he keep it consistent and write others?)

  • Homer Fink

    Sticky – if you have a real issue to discuss regarding your email exchange with Mr. Joyella, I’d be glad to address it offline with you. Email me webmaster (at) brooklynheightsblog (dot) com

    What I find more interesting is you general hostility. Why so angry?

  • Monty

    @Homer, consider it a badge of honor that your site has attracted enough followers to have more than one serial troll. This site is officially on the internet now!

  • The Who, What, Where, When & How

    Perhaps Sticky would like more stories like the Hookers on Henry St. (somehow listed as a related post to this story) and the teasingly exciting verbal fore(inter)play engaged in by Mr. Fink and Mrs. Fink in the comments. Ooh la la—now that’s a story!

    How about an in-person interview and follow up story with that business now that its been outed…has business risen or flagged?

  • bb

    Back to the story at hand, I’ll give them 1 year tops. Passive-aggressivity runs rampant with these two.

  • nabeguy

    He better start wearing full body armor under that green sweater to survive the whippings that she’s going to inflict. By my calculator, I think a year is generous. But hey, isn’t honest communication one of the the key to a lasting marriage? Maybe we all got it wrong, and Homer is actually the Dr. Phil of the blogosphere.

  • Jose Uribe

    He’s a masochist. He likes the whippings. They will last forever.

  • AEB

    My, my! Whole lota projection going on here!

    Begun to think of them as inkblots (albeit one in a sorta green sweater)…..

  • still anon

    I’m with Mrs Fink-bring back the hookers.

  • Publius

    I nominate this as the most boring story BHB has run since inception.

  • Smarty Smarkowitz

    Publius I nominate you a a dolt and a bore.

  • Publius


    To know me is to love me.

    Kindly hold your screen up to a mirror and read this:

    3M TA3

  • Lynda

    I want a Homer Fink comment reading app, like that thing Youtube uses to put off the crazies, but ten times way more awesome.