Curry Spot in Brooklyn Heights May Be Good

This just in from “Christina” via the BHB Facebook inbox:

I wanted to tell you about the new Indian restaurant at 151 Remsen Street (used to be Curry Leaf and, more recently, East Meets West). We ordered in from there tonight and the food was AMAZING! Finally, the Heights has a decent place for curry! My husband grew up in the UK where the Indian food is a big deal, and he said it’s the best he’s had since he left there. We tried the Peshwari Naan, Chicken Vindaloo (it’s spicy spicy), Chicken Tikka Masala, Onion Bahjia and Aloo Motor Gobi. The entire meal rocked!!! A nice touch was the free rice pudding and 25% off the meal! The meal was so good, we called them mid-meal to thank them!
The Brooklyn Heights location site was under construction, but you can use the Bronx location’s menu for now.

Anyone else try Curry Spot? Thoughts?

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  • In The Heights

    Thanks for posting. I walked by and got a menu yesterday. We will try it this week.

  • AEB

    Me, too!

  • Andrew

    We can only hope. Since Curry Leaf closed, I’ve missed having convenient and decent Indian food in the Heights.

  • Greg Rutter

    I live almost directly above them and wanted to try them out on the first night. They blew it. Waited half an hour for it to be ready. The interior had every single light on, presumably to highlight the pieces of food on the floor or the half finished fixtures dotting the restaurant. However the food was good. Stick with take out I guess.

  • tonka

    Never judge a restaurant by its opening night. Give them a little time to get it together.

  • guest

    my husband gave it a try earlier this week. all in all a success, especially as compared to our current options both in BH and CH. we will definitely try it again.

  • matt

    Where else can I get good Indian food in the nabe? Any recommendations?

  • BKHeightsGirl

    Went there tonight with my boyfriend. Food was tasty, but there were some serious delays in food. We sat around 8pm; didn’t get our order taken until after we asked to give our order and about 15 minutes had passed. Our samosas came out about 10 minutes later, and they were pretty average. It was not until 9:05 or so when our entrees and bread came out. We had the Baigan Bhartha (Baked Eggplant Curry), which was excellent, the Chicken Tikka Masala, which was satisfying, and the Lamb Bhuna, which was nicely spiced. We also ordered the garlic naan, roti and paratha, all of which were good.

    There seemed to be a lot of yelling in the kitchen. The manager came by our table to speak to us and apologize for the slowness and to ask for another chance. He said someone who was supposed to help the cook in the kitchen didn’t show up. He was nice, but the place seemed very much still in the throes of new restaurant jitters.

    As of this evening, the restaurant still had not received its credit card reader, so cash only, we were told for the next few days. At least (until 8/31) you can get 25% off your tab. And we received free dessert. Oh, and no wine/liquor license yet, but my bf did run to the deli on the corner of Clinton and Remsen and buy some beer to have with his meal.

    So, I did like the food, but the delay was interminable. Thank god we had nowhere else to be tonight. The food was better than the place on Montague (Amin?) and better than the place that used to be on Atlantic.

    It seemed like people who came in to place an order for takeout were able to leave after 15 minutes or so. I think when we give the place another try, that’ll be the route we take.

  • BKHeightsGirl

    Oh, and by the time we were able to leave (after asking for the bill and waiting for them to do their math), it was just after 10. Wow — a 2+ hr meal. My boyfriend joked that our 7 course tasting menu with wine pairings at Daniel took the same amount of time. We weren’t even sure it was still Monday any more…

  • T.K. Small

    It sounds like this restaurant is a bit of a work in progress. I hope they succeed. When I read the original announcement about the restaurant, I became a bit obsessed with the idea of eating something with curry. After a little research, last night I cooked a big pot of vegetarian curry. It came out pretty good!

  • Berkeley Grosvenor

    Anyone know if there’s still a connection to Kalustyan’s market in Curry Hill (as was the case in the heyday of Curry Leaf)?

  • Andrew

    I tried it the first night and there was a bit of a wait, but both my gf and I agreed that this is by far the best indian in BH. We had a good chicken vindaloo, a very good chicken korma, and the aloo gobi was great.

  • sue

    Darn! No chicken sheesh kebab, the delicious tandoori ground chicken that Curry Leaf had. I eat indian food at least twice a week (from Amin which I find to be delicious) so I am psyched to try this place.

  • joe

    we tried doing take out tonight. They told us 40 min and then when we got there it still wasn’t ready even after waiting 20 min more. We’ll try again when things settle down. I’m so looking forward to good Indian in the area.

  • mick

    could there be a more vague title for this story?

  • Elissa

    my husband and i ordered curry spot a couple nights ago after reading this. i guess we weren’t the only ones inspired by the blog. the food was actually good…we were pleasantly surprised as we have found the other indian in the neighborhood to be pretty awful. but we ordered at 7 and the food didn’t arrive until 8:30. i called at 8 and was asked to be patient as they were very busy. wish they’d at least mentioned the long wait when i placed the order. and when our food (4 dishes and a couple condiments) finally arrived our appetizer was missing. i called and the guy told me to give him a little while and he would send it. i told him i couldn’t wait any later to eat and i didn’t want it. overall a very frustrating experience.
    i think i’ll give them a few more weeks to get their operations in order before i place another order.
    that said…at least it has promise.

  • Jazz

    sounds like they’re just getting their act together but great things await us!

    It’s better than OVEN, the dumbest eatery of all time.

  • Remsen

    Got take out last night and after reading the prev comments regarding delays, I asked the manager what would come out of the kitchen fast…response was that it would all be fast. Not believing him, I ordered some somosas, and aloo gobi…came out quick and was quite tasty. Interior of restaurant was typical Montague-style…boring, so prob will just do takeout going forward…but would recommend the place to others.

  • Anon

    Ordered take out chicken vindaloo with paratha. Took about 20 mins.

    First impressions… vindaloo sauce is the best I’ve had in this area since moving here 2 years ago. Rice was a bit stuck together and not as “fluffy” as other places, but still pretty good. Paratha was only okay, will try naan next time.

    Overall, it was good and I’ll be going again. I only wish they offered some type of lower priced lunch special.

  • promenade

    Okay, all this chatter got us to order last night – wait time 30 minutes (not bad for a Friday night) and the food was good – surprisingly tasty. We went totally basic for our first try – we’ve been burned so many times before – so we had chicken tikka, chana saag and samosa’s. All accompaniments were yummy too. We’ll be back!