84th Precinct Police Blotter – 8/19/09

bugleblotter-300x1711 This week’s police blotter saw an unusually high number of assaults in the area, as well as a subletter turned robber.

A skateboarder was attacked for his iPod on August 15th near the corner of Furman and Montague streets. The 24-year-old was riding his skateboard just before 10 p.m. when he was approached by three youth thugs who threatened physical injury if he didn’t hand over his music player.

A 53-year-old woman was assaulted and robbed near the corner of Jay and York streets in the early hours of August 11. Just before 5 a.m. the woman was approached by a young thug who punched her in the face, pushed her to the ground and stole her shoulder bag, containing a thermos and an MP3 player.

More than $15,000 in cash was stolen from a woman on Water Street who subletted her apartment from April to August. The woman returned to her home, between Main and Old Dock streets, this month to find that the giant wad of cash she had hidden in a wooden box as well as the $4,500 rent check the subletter had made out to her for his stay had been stolen.

Nearly $5,000 in property was taken on August 14 from an apartment on Front Street.  A couple who were house-sitting returned to the apartment to find $2,000 laptop, $1,000 in clothes and more than $1,500 in jewelry all missing.

The raft of vehicle thefts continues this week with two missing bikes. On August 10, at the corner of Court and Livingston streets, a bicycle that was chained to a street sign went missing when the owner returned five hours later. Two days later, on Monroe Place near Clark Street, a Vespa scooter, valued at $3,500, was reported missing.

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  • http://www.tomfletcher.info Thomas

    Hey! I was that skateboarder. What I learned was, never be alone in a dimly lit area, such as Firman St., late in the night. I put myself in an unsafe situation. What an unfortunate event. =( I still love Brooklyn though.

  • GHB

    Thomas, it’s too bad that we have to think that way. Glad you’re OK

  • Jose Uribe

    You should have hit one the punks in the head with your skateboard (it can be a great weapon). I’m sure the other two would have fled after you knocked out their pal.

  • Heights

    Furman and Montague?

  • Anon


    Looks like the fairly desolate area below the BQE.

  • T.K. Small

    I certainly aspire to be well known and perhaps ultimately have named after me, but I do not think it has happened yet. Could the author explain what “between tk and tk” might mean?

  • lou vega

    who leaves 15k in cash in the apt they sublet? bad idea jeans

  • aaron

    “TK” is journalism speak for “to come”, as in, you write this story and don’t know the cross streets so you write “tk” as a placeholder for the street name. When you ever see “TK” in a story, it means the copy editor missed something. I doubt BHB has a copy editor on staff though, so we’ll cut em a little slack

  • Homer Fink

    TK once again our copy editor is on holiday so some “tk’s” were left in this piece… tk is copy editor shorthand for tokum as in “to come”… to is a preposition, come is a verb.

  • bornhere

    I’m loving the “raft of vehicle thefts.”

  • nabeguy

    I don’t see any mention of this in the blotter, so consider this as a warning. On Thursday evening last, I parked on the hill at the end of Willow Street that descends into Poplar, on the highway side of the street. Emerging from my car, I noticed that 7 cars had been broken into through the drivers-side window, three of which were still at the scene. From the looks of it, these were smash-and-grab affairs, but one of the cars did have its stereo system torn out. By the way, one of the cars was a Hummer.
    Also, do not under ANY circumstances park overnight in front of 20 Henry. Just because there is no construction going on at the site, they tow cars from there each and every morning at 6:40.

  • T.K. Small

    And I thought I had missed the street naming.