Open Thread Wednesday 8/19/09

BHB Photo Club pic by laurenjonikphotography via Flickr

What’s happenin? What you thinkin’ …. maaaaaan?  Comment away!

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  • alex

    So, swimming pools.

    I’ve been to Red Hook and the Double D public pools, and both are pretty nice, but I’m hoping to find somewhere I can go and lounge on a chair in addition to swimming. (If you haven’t been to public pools: the chair to guest ratio is something like 1 to 100.)

    Any leads?

  • T.K. Small

    There was a piece on NPR/WNYC radio that mentioned an art installation/pool down in Carol Gardens. The pool was made from a a series of dumpsters with plastic linings.

  • Ramona Quimby

    I’m pretty sure the dumpster pool is not open to the public. From what I read, you have to be invited. Please correct me if I’m wrong though–I’d love to check it out.

  • Andrew

    The Times wrote about the <a href=”″?Gowanus dumpster pool last month.

  • Bart


    I can’t imagine going to a public pool because of concerns over children and their excretions. I just don’t want to subject my body to that kind of toxic assault. In an attempt to destroy this leprous distillment, the chlorine levels are often too high.

    For pools, it could be best to visit friends who have them. Often they are also purified by an ultra-violet process which makes it easer on the eyes, skin, and hair.


  • Matt

    This is not BH-related, but: Holy lord is Defonte’s in Red Hook amazing!!!!!!!!

  • GHB

    Bart, you think adults are any better?

  • AEB

    Alex, why not go beach-wards? See yesterday’s Riis Park post.

    Takes but an hour, and it’s–a beach with sand and sun and the sea….

    …just you (well, maybe a couple of others also) and no chlorine! No kiddie (or adult) excretions! A place to sit–or even lie…..

  • T.K. Small

    I have had both good and bad experiences at Riis Beach. On the bright side, one time I had a very amusing conversation with a retired policeman who was also a recovering alcoholic. He was very funny and could have been doing standup comedy. My not so good experience at the beach involved an interminable wait for a creepy guy wearing a toupee and a “banana hammock” to get out of the wheelchair accessible bathroom stall.

  • still anon

    If I get some action in a Bklyn Hts massage parlor that I learned about on this website, can I call it a handblog?

  • nabeguy

    Better a handblog than a handglob.