Mom in Montague Mayhem

The 84th Precinct police blotter in this week’s Brooklyn Paper is a doozy to say the least. Crimes in Brooklyn Heights in recent days include a cell phone robbery and several auto break-ins. However, the item that caught our eye this week was this tale of a Mom fighting back (?) on Montague Street:

Brooklyn Paper Police Blotter: Two women — one of them with her children in tow — got into a brawl on Montague Street that ended with one of the women under arrest and facing grand larceny charges, police said.

The 43-year-old victim stopped by a bank branch, near Henry Street, around 12:45 pm on May 12. She was using the ATM when an argument broke out between her and another woman. Eventually, the dispute got physical, and the suspect began kicking and punching the victim.

The woman said she fought back to save herself and her children, but the attacker was still able to steal her wallet. But as the thief started to run, the wallet fell open and most of the contents spilled to the pavement.

Luckily, Police Officer Tamar Keaton of the 84th Precinct happened upon the scene. She arrested the 48-year-old attacker and recovered the wallet, which still held several credit cards and the victim’s drivers license.

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  • eric

    Is street crime on the rise in this neighborhood or is this just a string of coincidences?