Brooklyn (Heights) Tattoo Gets Some Ink

The cool folks at Brooklyn Tattoo are the subject of feature story in this week's Brooklyn Paper. One of the story lines is about Manushka Montemuino who has an image of her brownstone at 273 Henry on her shoulder. 

Brooklyn Paper: Tattoo Youse!: The shop’s owner, Adam Gould, said Montemuino was the first customer who asked for a tattoo of a brownstone — but the homegrown tattoo artist believes that she won’t be the last.

Indeed, he has already reserved a piece of his forearm for a rendering of the Carroll Gardens brownstone where he grew up.

The Tompkins Place house will nestle between an image of a Japanese bat and a banner of his nom de plume, “Suerte,” which he picked up working at a tattoo parlor in Manhattan, where “a lot of the kids didn’t trust a [tattoo artist] with a Jewish last name,” he said.

“When you draw something on your skin, it becomes part of the timeline of your life. In that way, it makes sense to tattoo a piece of the town you love on yourself,” said Gould, whose calf is emblazoned with a drawing of a subway station that resembles the F stop at Carroll Street that Gould has used since he was a kid.

Gould, a 37-year-old bachelor with wild, hard- rock hair, is reluctant to call Brooklyn-centric tattoos trendy.

“We aren’t talking about a 718 T-shirt here,” he said.

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  • suerte

    yo Homer, thanks for the post.. and yes, we are the fiirst tattoo shop to ever open in Brooklyn Heights(the north side of atlantic ave being heights, the south being Cobble Hill, speaking of Cobble hill, that brings me a minor correction in the article, Degraw street is the border of cobble hill and Carrroll gardens, so I am considered from Coble hill, not Carroll Gardens)…..also, I was told by Montero’s owner Pepe that there was a tattoo shop on the south side of Atlantic across from us that was open in the 50’s… that was confirmed when a old spanish dude came into the shop one day last month and showed me a tattoo he got there in ’52…pretty cool… ..anyhoo, let me know when you want to come down for a “BHB” tattoo… all the best- Adam