Toll Bros Bidding On JW Properties

The NY Post's Rich Calder brings us this news: The Toll Brothers, developers of crappy luxury homes and several luxury high rises in Manhattan and Williamsburg, are bidding on the Columbia Heights buildings currently owned by the Jehovah's Witnesses:

David Von Spreckelsen, a vice president for Toll Brothers, confirmed the company is going to make an offer on three choice Witnesses properties on Columbia Heights so it can convert them into luxury condos.

Columbia Heights is Brooklyn's priciest street and overlooks New York Harbor and the Manhattan skyline.

"Brooklyn Heights is as good as it gets once you go outside Manhattan. I can't think of a more desirable place to do a project," Von Spreckelsen told The Post during a "topping off" party for the company's 1 Northside Piers condo project in Williamsburg Tuesday night.

Maybe I can look forward to falling cranes on my block. Fantastic.

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  • alex k

    given that the majority of bklyn hgts is a landmark district, they will be hard pressed to do any actual construction.. shouldn’t be that big a deal, i guess they will buy out the co-op and/or building owner and make it a condo.. not like they’re putting a high rise there (i don’t think they could get the permits to do anything of the sort)